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Criticizing Ultraier Daimler, BMW and VW for Cheap Electric Cars


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The German auto industry criticized the federal minister (CDU) sharply.

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BerlinThe American finance minister Peter Almeier (CDU) criticized German producers' electric cars. In a joint Conference in Welt, Belgium, the minister told the heads of the big German companies: "You can build a new electric car with just a half-sext of Mr. deese or Mr. Tesla, for the ease of their e-cars, you can bring some new ideas."

In addition to e-mobility, the meeting also focused on the public duties in the German automotive industry. The automotive driving issue has also been addressed. Volkswagen Bose Herbert Dieses accepted backlinks in the development of automated cars. "But we are determined to be caught, and the game has not yet lost," Dais says. He also emphasized that a self-contained vehicle depended on a great deal of state control.

The Daimler CEO, Dieter Sets, was to create self-determination cars with hands-on regulators. "What we need is the control of the free trade of the industry, which is easily wave through everything", said Sesec. It threatens a failure as a very serious act.

And he encouraged them to make a prediction in the future. Autonomous traveling cars will start trucks, commercial vehicles, and highways, auto-driving vehicles for passenger's transportation before being called "robotaxis".

The death toll in the accident of autonomous cars is 320. This is a tragedy. The technology of vehicles is absolutely reliable and the number of road accidents falling. "Robot cars must be 100 to 1000 times better than man, and technically very complex."

Althaiyar, Minister for Finance, is also making arrangements to develop autonomous nature cars. But he was "sure that Driverless would be driving, perhaps a little later, two or three years ago," he said, "the good am Sonntag. "The German automotive industry is absolutely powerful for the development, development and sale of high quality vehicles, and we can find out about one or another buggy in developing digital platforms."

In addition to electric cars and autonomous driving, the meeting focused on Volkswagen's corporate restructuring. The Wolfsburg company has stimulated a stimulating emitter due to the countrywide diesel crisis – now demanding political support for the reconstruction of the group. "I hope the car will get better again," VW boss Diess said in a newspaper "Bild am Sonntag". Only voting can be made till the polls and voting. "Unfortunately, no one will be able to have a positive notice for anyone in the German party landscape," Days continues.

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