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Dance show in Leaderhel: Bracken & # 39; Mozart – The Wild Wolfgang – Other

By Franz Crowder

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was wild, insane and sticky – this very page of the composer 'Bracken' attracts Mozart's crew. On December 1, the show will be held at Leederhall in Stuttgart.

Brechin & # 39; Everything about Mozart's breakdancing and Mozart. Photo: Organizer

Brechin & # 39; Everything about Mozart's breakdancing and Mozart.

Photo: Organizer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's lifetime talent was never published, he listened to the title "Leak Me In The Donkey." Six piece theory.

Why do you feel like this? Because the image makes one famous, the bright personality is often difficult to make ideal. Gravitational, gifting masters of their art, right? Like God, away from everything on earth, it flows through our spheres. Goth, Bach, Einstein and Mozart – they were not humans, they were weird! But Mozart was not only a famous musician but also a wild type.

Austrian music, from Bavaria to Brackens

This wild, crazy, sticky side of Mozart also attracts the Breckin & # 39; Mozart crew. In the direction of Christoph Hegel, the Bavarian Brendans Group DDC launched one of the most popular cross-over projects five years ago. Hazel and Punctuation Mozart Festival came together in Würzburg. There, they had a vision of this modern Mozart interpretation, where it was premiered in 2013.

On December 1, the show will be in Leaderhel. This is the fourth time, the people, whom the organizer Stuttgart Konzart brought Stuttgart for the fourth time, are guests at Swabian Metropolis.

"Repel hell in my heart"

"Classic breakdowns" under the print are dancers wandering around the stage, revolving around, turning and turning. You can hear: Mozart. Singing live songs like "Magic flute" or "Alfredo Piano Sonata No. 11" from "Rondo Alla Tarka" like the night of the queen "cook a hell of my heart". Add to hip-hop and techno voice, Christoph Hegel is sitting on the piano.

The fact that Brackens is an art form that comes with absolutely free and offers the possibility of endless design with Mozart's free spirit. But not Wolfgang ammades, but DDC dancers are also exceptional performers: they are one of the best Brands group in Germany, in which there are international titles as European titles and already twice world champions.

Christophe Hagel is only open to creative and informal: 20 years ago 59-year-old "Burnstag" hosted "Don Giovanni" in Berlin's e-Wark, presenting Mozart's "Magic Flute" in the underground station's capital. In addition to this, Eco was honored with the same "Red Bull Flying Batch" for the Brokenness Classic Cross-over project.

Humor, dancing, acrobatics and singing

Mozart would have agreed to join humor, dancing, acrobatics and singing. "The versatility of the show appeals to a wider audience – from children to adolescents and their parents and grandparents to family entertainment!" The promise dancer and choreographer Marshall Gasler, who is also an artistic director. Thus, not only prejudice against Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but also can be broken against classical music: When such sounds occur, it is not necessary to be hard.

It is a good thing that the creators were offended by this concept, which were assured of being stimulated by some classical purifier. In the circumstance, the fact is that DDC jewelry does not fear death or death, and the devil has not been proven elsewhere: it was also introduced to Lorrerozone with Florian Silberissen.

Brecken & # 39; Mozart: December 1, 7 o'clock, Liederell, 07/11/52 43 00 tickets

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