Friday , January 22 2021

David Bowie: Irresistible only as a singer

She said, "someone in the Sunday Times asked me in the first year that if I have a Gossip," she says Giddings, "I said,Glastonbury It is in my ear David Bowie Headlining this year '. Because there is nothing else to write to them, the journalist made a big story out of them. Was there Michael Evis, Glastonbury organizer, Bombard with fan requests Bowie Demanded. So he invited me and said that we should Bowie Good book But when I am with you David He said, 'that's all good and good, but I'm getting a kid.' Finally I said, if you do not take any decision today, give it a headline slot Bruce Springsteen. Madonna Or Paul McCartney, I made that, the names that quickly came to my mind, and David Finally said, "Okay, I'll do it!"
The evening before the concert shown Bowie John Geddings The list catalog asked its agent what he thinks. "When I read it," remembers Giddings Today, "I'm almost confused because it contains all the big hits David Not played for many years. "
So "Glastonbury 2000 ", all hits, including" Under pressure "," Let's dance "," Heroes "and" Life on Mars "and in live versions that express attraction. Bowie With her show. Like Emily Eavis, Co-organizer and daughter Michael Evis, Then commented, "It was a full title show: Bowie This can accelerate the huge crowd. "

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