Sunday , September 25 2022

Does the Meghna divide the Prince Brothers?


Dispute. Recently, Prince Harry (34) was quoted as saying, "Wat Megan wants, Megan gets." It also seems like why Harry wants to live a new life. According to an internal source, both do not want to raise their child in "aquarium". This move meant to be different from Harry's brother, Prince William.

At Windsor Castle, Harry and Magan will be in Frogmore Cottage. Once the name of this building was found due to the large number of frogs living in the Mercury area. Windsor, Harry and Meghan, now officially the Duchess of Sussex, will be near the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II (92) is said to spend more time in the fort than Buckingham Palace in the heart of London.

Harry and the former actress Meghna were married at Windsor Castle in May last. At that time, they get 200 guests in the evening for the wedding party of Frogmore Estate.

Prince Harry voted the most popular Royal voting

Prince Harry is one of the most popular ink, according to a poll. On Monday, 77% of the people surveyed by the survey of 3,700 people of Ugugan have a good opinion of them. The British describe them as sympathetic, humorous, and honest. Her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (74 percent) comes second, followed by her brother, Prince William (73).

At some distance, Duchess Cat (64 percent), Prince Philip (56) and fifth wife Harry's wife Meghan (55) are in fourth place. Unnecessary heir, Prince Charles, who did not cut as much as 70 on Wednesday Every second (48 percent) does not even have a positive opinion – it came in seventh place. His wife Camilla made it to 29 percent with only 10 percent. When she married Prince Diana, she was a lover of Charles. At that time, they joked that many people were called "Routeviler".

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