Tuesday , January 19 2021

Duchess Cat makes a clear statement with this dress

Duchess Cat (37) attracts attention with its delicious style. Now, the wife of Prince William (36) visited the Aid Organization Family Action and chose this date for a green dress.

Cat once again shows the spirit of her style: With a brilliant smile, she shows her a high necked dress that softens her figure. Three-stoated mother put a belt around her narrow waist, which puts more emphasis on her.

Thrilled in the Dutch carat green dress

(© Imago / Dog Peters)

Duchy Kate: With her dress, she makes her statement

Duches Kate also made a statement with the selection of her clothes: luxury fashion brand Bullaah, from which Kate's green model comes, she supports victims of sexual trafficking in India.

Just before Christmas When she visited her children's hospital, Kate was already in a green dress. Color green is also fantastic in dances.

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