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"Farmer is in search of wife" 2018: Tiacia and Mathieu – kisses at bus stop


Updated on November 27, 2018, 07:28

No one expected: Tennis Pro Taeasia and farmer Matthias will be on a couple of hours on Frow like "Bauer" on Monday evening. Love on other farms is also great. Only the farmer Nils accepted bad discharge.

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In the last 14 seasons of "Farmer Detects a Woman", no candidate has yet found many suspicions as Ticia Murderer.

The professional tennis player, currently listed on world number 568, was not predicted to have any real interest in the farmer Mathias.

The more she just wanted to be known, probably came in the conversation for a format like "Bachelor" or "Jungle Camp". Or just win new followers for their subsequent account. By the way, you succeeded very well

On Monday evening, the story of the charming Taseezian and young farmer Matthews received a return that did not need to be expected.

At the bus stop too hot kisses! But from the beginning the whole story is here.

Dungarees and rubber boots as a farewell gift

When it comes to the departure of Ticia, the young farmer came along with surprise. And their reaction to today again showed why many viewers of the tennis player do not lose serious interest in rural life and rural populations.

She first opened the pink rubber boots ("My First Never!"), Then Red Mountain. For a moment, the 21-year-old stopped, then she realized what she was keeping up for the mysterious thing in her hands. That's right, it's for work, "said Ticaia," with razor intensity.

After the time of the truth, Matthia wanted to know what she is now. Everything indicates that the tennis players will now pass the farmer.

Matthias explains, "We had a good time, you would soon remember me," I do not look like a girl for a long time. "

The love palace seals long-distance relationships

And now it came, perhaps the most spectacular curve in the history of farmer domination. "I want you to try it out", breathe Ticia, agree on both long-range relationships, tears are full.

Likewise, the surprise was that she had just taken the enjoyment of the love fort from the acquired hills, on which the name and date of two ladders were carved. The second saying, young women are not thinking!

Well, the dubious people will now say that the "Bauer Atta Fro" editor Tiacia has joined the love crowd. And that Matthews would probably wait longer for a call from a tennis player. But then the farewell scene was followed at the bus station.

Taseeena had previously demanded a dialogue with the camera, "I want to kiss Marthaas right now, we already have hands, we need to make a bit more." In fact, Matthias then took a heart and came into the kiss.

"Happy Ending" in the style of the big Hollywood classics, so rarely anyone would expect

Roast pork instead of fish: evil migration to Neils

Love is also great on all other farms. Daniele and Kuhauer Christian Turtle, Stefan and Stephen, anyway, Injeborg and Jr. also danced in love with the animal wings in Canada.

Farmer Jane confessed love to Olivia at the airport. Only Dike Farmer Neil's bad end on Monday evening. He came from his discharge from Laura, from whom someone exclaimed for the Matthias from Taesia.

Snacks already, suggest disaster. "Dumpling with pork, but not fish", Bavaria trainee reported on its culinary selection and it became clear that it would not be a new home on the North Sea coast.

Neil did not suspect anything after riding together (quote: "If you have a suitable bride, you can sometimes ride.") And traveling through a mud flat to the car, he questioned the question of all the questions.

Neilas carefully asked, "Do you imagine he is running with us?" "I can certainly imagine a good friendship, maybe we can visit each other, but it will not be solid."

Neil's cheek was a little less than usual. "Friendship is often more than a living together," he stammered. It hurts.

It is good that the farmer, Matthias, has been rescued. The next Monday, they will see Tasia again in the Grand Finals with the court festival.

And shortly thereafter If he is not busy filming a jungle camp or a celebrity big brother.

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