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Fight against Ebola: Virus and War – Health

  • More than 425 people have been infected and more than 240 people have died, which is to spread Ebola, which was raging in East Congo from the beginning of August, it is considered to be the second most serious in the world.
  • War in this region makes it more difficult to control the epidemic.
  • We have been fighting for more than a hundred military decades to control the vast resources of the region such as wood, colton, gold, cobalt and copper.

By Nathalie Bertrams and Ingrid Garkama

Richard Kittgen of the Congo Health Ministry says, "We are reaching our limitations." Ultimately, we are civilians, not the army. "This year is the second time around the clock against the deadly Zayre-Ebola virus. It has its office in the provincial capital of Goma, where the white cargo plane of the United Nations takes half an hour to transport people and supplies to the ocean epic beni.

More than 425 people have been infected since the beginning of August and more than 240 people died, the Ebola spread, which is furious in East Congo, is considered to be the second largest in the history of the country and the world. Congo's Health and International Organizations have trouble controlling the pest. Kitjang says that it is difficult for the auxiliaries to reach people, "People can listen to our advice gradually and wash their hands, but we are not ready for war." Emergency assistance mainly works in densely populated areas of Beni and Butuba cities, which are classified by active conflict. Although the UN mission Monsoon has the world's largest operation in the former Congo with the military power of 1999 to 16,000, but no end to the war is in sight.

Now there is a vaccine. But it's not available for all

Kitgang says, "People do not even know that they should be scared: Ebola or ADF rebels." The dark shadow below their eyes gives a signal to their tiredness. However, the therapist is cautiously optimistic: "Recently, we have a new weapon in the fight against Ebola – vaccine."

However, stress protection status often complicates the work of doctors and assistants. Recently, assistants came between the UN, the rebels and the troops of the Congo. "Every day a patient kitjang says that one of the" red zones "has flew, which we do not have access to." What is this disease, we do not know. "

Death of an Ebola survivor

Nurse Salom Karwai defeated his Ebola virus and became a heroine. But it was their destruction: she died soon after the birth of her fourth child.

By Isabel Pufff

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World Health Organization's emergency program director Peter Salama has taken a new ebola vaccine to stop the catastrophe: "The vaccine is underground and the vaccine is not that we have thousands of cases." Meanwhile, more than 37,000 people have been immunized with experimental vaccinations, including about 10,000 nurses and 8,000 children.

Ebola has long been neglected by the pharmaceutical industry: since the invention of the virus in 1976, spreading in Africa spreading to developing countries. At the same time more than 28,000 people were infected by pathogen of West Africa, and 11,000 patients were killed between 2013 and 2016, while the world felt that its earlier consideration is likely to be expanded further. The development of vaccines and therapeutic development has largely been updated. An experimental serum known as RVSV-zebovie was chosen as the most promising vaccine candidate and in the final phase of the guinea pandemic successfully tested 11,000 people.

Meanwhile, the US The vaccine has been made by the pharmaceutical company, Merck and payment by the vaccine conglomerate has been made. Germany supports private-public partnership with € 600 million by 2020, making it the Alliance & # 39; s fourth largest donor for better access to vaccines in developing countries. Gavie and Merke promised to deliver 300,000 doses of the current spreading vaccine in eastern Congo.

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