Thursday , June 8 2023

Film Project: Carnival Fever: Milsar Volkswagen wants to infect everyone


Mills. Bajas died, was stoned at night, and the investigation is now in Mills. Who is a murderer? This may be someone like: friend, enemy or mayor? Bajaj – Milsar Fasnacht is not just an eye catcher, but a vital one for a criminal case.

The former in Tyrol

Amateur actors of Volksbühne Mils mind unusual idea – as the first volley boon to the toll – to create a feature film. All the servers have been placed on the move to start the enterprise. Most people who work on the project are volunteer players. In their ordinary work they write e-mails, snap them out or look at microscopes. If there are a lot of tasks, the actors and organizers are a true command. This is the latest in Miller Rheshenhoff's PK. In the presentation of the film, they are encouraging each other and how well Shah Rukh works. Some scenes are complete, others will picturize up to December. And there comes big pieces: the picture of the Carnival parade on the spot. The project also includes other clubs such as Volkswagen Boons Mills, Matschager, Band, Fire Department, or Municipal Office.
From € 40,000 in the budget – private sponsors and subsidies – the film is out. A few thousand euros are missing because of the missing, but donations, but genuinely welcomed. Written by Thriller Christian Pitt and written for drama. With the more detail being left on stage, they went forward one way: Pep PiPtlitt released the script. Helga Fogler-Pitl, his wife works for years as a director of Volksbühne.

In the spring there is no piece

The big project would be a reflection of a drama in the spring. Usually Volkswagen introduces two plays each year. In 2019, the movie Carnaval Fever will have an impact. The trailer for already provides "horrible things".

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