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Flu epidemic before the flu episode


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Soon the virus will spread again. The strategic point of view: they do not know that you will appear in any order and structure, they differ from the previous year. Current vaccination is always based on last year's experiences, speculation plays an important role in their development. The mass of influenza saph is hard to assess.

"Influenza Group A always has the same difficulties, H3N2 and H1N1 in recent years, but their differences are different," says Gunter Weiss, Director of Insulab's Inner Medicine Department Department.

Virus is sometimes virus-detecting and fighting viruses. Sometimes a virus becomes more and the immune system becomes worse. Vaisis: "The problem of vaccine is one year behind, so to speak."

Another limit is the effect associated with the vaccine age. "We have 90 per cent vaccine coverage in children and 30 per cent of the elderly," explains Wayes. Good News: Influenza is inferior when it comes to vaccination.

Who then is to breathe? Vaccination recommends the patients with the disease and the elderly. Vaccination is important for people with critical and eventually infected people. Weiss: "These men are trying to raise some suicide prevention capabilities." Additionally, those engaged in medical jobs are advocating regular vaccines. Here you decide to protect yourself and your family and your foster.

Last but not the parents ask whether the child should vaccinate or not. Wayus suggests vaccination, such as asthma, for vaccination. Otherwise, this is what luxurious things are hanging around. For example, influenza in children may be severe. Or parents can not afford to have two days of care at home. "You have to give a conversation about the risk and the benefits," said the expert.

The virus will be transferred back to the virus from December to April. Influenza is still a serious illness. The beginning of illness usually begins uncomfortably, and is accompanied by joint, muscular pain and periodic disease. Up to 40 kilograms against the joints and high fever. By contrast, the thermometer has 37 to 37.5 degrees of infection. This infection has nose, fatigue, throat and headache. Nearly five to ten percent of the population in Tierra is caught up in serious influenza every year.

Flu diseases decrease in this country. "To get effective protection, the average vaccine rate should be between 80 and 80 per cent between now and 10 per cent and 15 per cent." High vaccination coverage will be very important for people who are at risk for dying or die. It is therefore necessary for movement in every aspect of the population.

The development of science is also exciting. As Vise points out, there are a lot of research: "How often do you develop fluencing or permanent immune system? Every year or every year you may want to know how to vaccinate it." Though this is a common illness, there are still unknown cases.

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Infected with the disease

One defense against the virus and company is often washing the day. Sport in Moderation (do not enlarge), arm yourself for balanced meals and winters. Lack of smoking helps protect mucous membranes of the throat.

Thousands of flu patients

Every year in our latitudes, influenza makes up about five to ten percent of the population in the cold season. The insubrine clinic suffers 100 cases per episode every season.

In the holidays … swine flu outbreaks

Flu waves occur from December to April. Possible reasons: Most people are more likely to winter. They like to get together. In tropics, the influx of annuals takes place, in the summer months in the south pole.

When you snee, drops that cause infection can diameters from one meter to up to one radius. The disease is spread through exercise, speech, hiking and torch nooks.

… Comparing influenza

It is thought to affect three or three patients with an influenza. For Measz z. More frequency of infection One person is expected to have 13 to 20 cases of disease.

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