Tuesday , January 19 2021

Foot toilet paper from DM also comes to Austria

After mega-hype

In Germany, shelves are simply empty. It should be available in this country as soon as possible.

Germany's DMM customers are fully excited for the days of toilet paper roll! Österreich found out that the toilet paper, with a belt shirt and a small foot with floral beads, is printed on the head, due to which the total hype is done. After purchasing hamsters, hardly have a limited edition version of the DM-Own brand – Now toilet paper is traded on eBay at crazy prices: fans have to flip for more than three euros of 25 euros. Now we have also gained popularity: Austria has said in a demand on the DM in Salzburg that the Pug toilet paper has already been ordered – it is still open when it comes to the shelf.

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Some buy some pack

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