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Football: Real Madrid has returned to the roof


After a home defeat against Real Sociedad 0-2 on Sunday, there was a fire on the roof again in Real Madrid. "We can not always get discouraged in every game at the beginning, it lacks concentration," Unfortunately for that, the world footballer Luca Modrick was hurt. The back of the claim is real, the coach is considered Santiago Solaris.

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Champions League winners are already ten points on league leaders and defending champions Barcelona. By 2: 1 on the Getaf, Kellons got the unofficial Autumn Championship in the Primera section.

City's rivals are the actual fifth behind the economy, Savilla FC and surprising team Elves. After the recent trial "Marca" went to court. Sports journals wrote that it was real in "ruins".

Worst effect from 1993/94

The reason for the media's large club's performance curve is in exploration with research, which has been steadily falling for months. Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored a century, was a serious mistake to go to Turin. Real with only 26 goals in 18 games, Real got the worst hit since 1993/1994, while "CR7" has won the victory from victory for almost 34 years. Modrica admitted: "We lack the precision of the next."

Basanti defeated the Bernabeu stadium in 2004, after the loss of a 2: 2 defeat in the Relatiion Candlellar, and the need for Real Sociedad, which was not required after Basilial – Basse was the club's demand for a club after the reconstruction of Bose Florentino Perez. It is said that top performers such as Sergio Ramos (32), Moderik (33), Marcelo (30), Karim Benzema (31) and Tony Cruz (29) are finally outdated.

Solaris comes into criticism

Sania Mirza, who changed the injured Julian Loptegu two months ago and won the Club World Cup in December, she will be in the firing line for the first time. Trophies were proudly presented before kick-off, but there was a cold shower in the form of guests' first goal by William Jose (3). The real forgot for the opportunity and the missed penalties also got quarreled. Maderillins upheld the decision of Ruben Paradox (84.) against red-yellow for Lucas Vazquez.

Real coach Santiago Solaris

APA / AFP / Gabriel Bose

Santiago Solarri took Julan Lopezguii's office in November only and is already in criticism

Solaris said about the game, "Today everything is against us." Argentine said that "no one knows" about why the penalty was not given. Now he faces a strong brain, the mediator wants his expulsion already "Thank you and be Edios!", So call "Marka" in real-boardroom.

Primera Division, Supplement and 18th Round

Thursday, January 3:
Villarreal Real Madrid 2: 2
Friday, January 4:
Day Girona 2: 2
Espanyol Barcelona Leganes 1: 0
Saturday, January 5th:
Valladolid Rio velacka 0: 1
Alaves Valencia 2: 1
Huesca Battis Savila 2: 1
Sunday, January 6:
Eibar Villarreal 0: 0
Sevilla FC Meaning of Madrid 1: 1
Real Madrid Real Sociedad 0: 2
Getafe FC Barcelona 1: 2
Monday, January 7th:
Celta Vigo Buildings 9:00 am



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