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Formula 1: What's Changing for Sebastian Vettel – Sport


After five drivers and five constators world championship title in the series, there is no need for silver renewal. Only talented Astben oakon (22, formerly the racing point) brings the replacement driver as a fresh wind. The team boss Toto Wolf's success in nearly everything is almost perfect – even if it does not come well with one or the other fans: Full fixation on Superstar Lewis Hamilton, for example, is dedicated to extras and water carriers from the beginning, by another driver Vallatteri Boatas. . Even if he was able to do so, he was not allowed to win.


The Formula One 2018 was disappointing for the Italians: because they were at least fair at the same level as Mercedes, because the title decision was very quickly in favor of silver. Ferrari made many mistakes and made bizarre strategic decisions, which also increased the rate of error with Sebastian Vettel effect. The team needs more rest in 2019, although the result of the internal strength struggle between team boss Maurizio Arviben and technology director Matia Benotto is not yet clear. If the binote goes, because the airwiben has all the power, it is a big loss for scuderia. Young Charles Lacklaker Sebastian Vettel meets with a new, ambitious teammate who will try everything to push from the start. In addition, Torrey Rossona's trusted Vettel, Laurent MacKay, works as a director of the game in the future in the Red.

Red Bull

In the last edition of 2018, the Bulls and Max Werewstain were very strong – because many people in Padoc could compete with Mercedes and Ferrari for the 2019 World title. Because after that you do not have a Renault engine at the back, which is a weak point for the year, but Honda. Red Bull Motorsport Coordinator Helmut Marco says: "According to existing findings, we have only one small appearance will be fine." Japanese people learned a lot in 2018 as a partner of the Red Bull B team (the entire Roso). Max Wierstappan, whom Red Bull wants to become the youngest world champion, faced well with many crises in the beginning of the season with its crisis – partly because the team was always behind it.


Reno managed with Nico Hulkenberg this year, although the team was ranked fourth in place of the team, but the French were not dropped from the top. It is very difficult to achieve the goal of competing for world title in one to two years. With new signing Daniel Ricardo from Red Bull, the team will receive at least boost. The surprise team of 2018 was Sauber. After the expulsion of controversial technical director Jorge Zander, the team went on to jump into midfield. Maintaining that place is not easy for new riders Kimi Ricconein and Antonio Giovannizi.


McLaren and Williams, once in-a-row warriors, were disappointed in 2018. The following year it is very suspicious whether she will come out of a deep hole – especially because both really do not really know where the causes of the problem are. McLaren Superstar Fernando Alonso also loses, who will go to Formula One in Abu Dhabi. Carlos Sainz Junior and young player Lendo Norris in 2019 faced a tough task. It applies to Mercedes-Junior George Russell, who is a regular driver in Williams. And eight years after the Formula 1 break, Robert Cubica's return and only 40 percent right will be seen before Williams will work on the right, before that.

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