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Found dead, Disaster State at Stirion Destinations «

On Monday, in many parts of Austria, large amounts of snow and fresh snow are affected by the weekend – and the condition will not rest in the middle period: this week also the moist air flows from northwest to Alps and Dam. The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZMAG) has warned the previous snow, and on the second front at the weekend.

During the heavy winter of winter, many have claimed life. On Monday afternoon, the forces of Ebeneu (Salzburg) reported that two missing snowshoes were found dead. The 28-year-old hunter and his 23-year-old companion were trapped by the avalanche. They were located using the Avalanche investigation. Two seasons from Saturday, with some weather-related interruptions, were searching for mountain rescue.

There is also a search operation in Lower Austria: Two tour attendants are missing from Saturday in Lilienfeld in Zillenburg district. But searches on Monday were also unsuccessful. Due to poor visibility, the helicopter was used for a day before it was possible. Search will not continue on Tuesday After the decision of Operation Management, Alpine Police's Michael Hochger said, "Due to the dangerous situation, we can not answer for a mission, the last we are looking for is a dead savior." On Tuesday, the situation should be re-evaluated.

Four dead at the weekend

At the weekend, there were already two avalanches in Vorarlberg, and the winter sportsman died after falling into deep snow in Zhousheny (Salzburg), which broke it completely. In Vorarlberg, a Swiss woman also died brutally after being crashed in a ski resort in Sheffberg in Gergel and stuck in a 1.5 meter deep ice.

Avalanche risk is the second highest level in many parts of Austria (4 out of 5).


What's next? Recent heavy snowfall

From Tuesday to Thursday, 30 to 80 centimeters of fresh ice is expected from the northern side of the Alps – from Vorarlberg to North Tyrol, Salzburg and Dutchstein to Mostwitel – and according to estimates, in more than 100 centimeters locations. Due to the strong wind you can expect snowfall.

>> Blizzard like every ten years

Not in terms of a sustainable relief. Conversely: At weekends, predictive models show other frost front from northwest. On Monday night, many ski resorts saw snow depth growth. According to zamag, north of the Alps, from Vorarlberg to North Tyrol and Salzburg to North Upper Styria, there were about 5 to 25 centimeters in the space of approximately 30 to 40 centimeters.

Affected federal states have the following situation:

  • Lower Austria: Fear of Big Avalanche, Closer Closer

    In the Ybbstall Alps in Lower Austria, the fear of avalanches on the tree line has been at level 4 on the 5th scale and thus "Moto". Stage 3 exists in many other areas of the state, hence the "significant" avalanche risk, the Lower Austria alert service has been reported. According to the forecast, can not be improved on Tuesday.

    Due to the current weather conditions, the avalanche Alpine road and the entire ski area Monday, due to fear and avalanche blasts, "Monday, until further notice is closed", according to the publication on Monday. Guests, staff and residents should leave the area during the day.

  • Styria: Disaster State Announces

    Stairia is severely affected, most risk of avalanches in upper stereo remains unchanged at the second highest alert level ("big") of the 5th standard. With the relief of the situation, the weather was expected in the afternoon. However, the two Army helicopter missions of the Federal Army were successfully completed. The helicopter brought the oxygen tank to the patient after Ramar. Due to the fear of avalanches, a highway was discovered. About 2,000 people are still trapped by snow.

    Upper Styrian Community Polysty has announced Monday afternoon after the snowstorm with the neighboring community Houtterne Disaster State. In Upper Stereo, the driveway to Plantinum in Rottenmann and Wallaceur Tourean (LeZen District) was closed. Thus, the contact with the popular area for the school ski lessons was tense.

    For some students, it was also the first day of lessons after the Christmas Break: Nearly 60 related weather related to the most affected Upper Stryan Lezen district of about 3,000 students. Apart from the elementary school, St. Nikolai, there were 40 students and four teachers and some minor schools in Sultal but lessons were held everywhere except.

At the weekend, the federal army supplies flight by cutting socklut.

At the weekend, the federal army supplies flight by cutting socklut.

At the weekend, the federal army supplies flight by cutting socklut. – APA / Bundshier / Patent Leicester

  • Salzburg: 500 homes without electricity, closed schools

    On Monday afternoon in Salzburg, more than 500 homes were without electricity. Affected residents may have to wait a long time to help. Because, due to high avalanches fear or the affected line segments, roads can not be reached where the roads are closed, the network operator's techniques can not repair any damage.

    Salzburg AG spokesman Danila Kinze said that due to tight conditions and renewable snowfall, 200 experts from the technology and assembly were on duty on Monday. Employees freed the fallen trees or reconnected transformer stations from the power grid.

    Due to weather conditions, schools and kindergartens in different communities in Salzburg will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. This includes features in Vernschuleham Falbartle in Ebeneu, as well as features in Fistau, Hof, Huntersee (Flachgau) and St. Colomain (Tennessee).

    DJ Otza stalled the kick-off of its "Summit Tour" in Salbbe-Hinterlangmeum (Salzburg) for 8 January, it was in the Security Foreground.

  • Tyrol's highest alert level "possible" at weekends

    Avalanche conditions in Tyrol have been serious. Avalanche warning service Tyrol, Rudy Meyer's head said that during the week, "Warning Level 4, in the above series" is more impressed. If the inferior snowflows arrive, the highest avalanche warning level at weekends, level 5, is "potential".

    Level 5 means that infrastructure is in danger and open buildings may need to be emptied. In addition, it can come to the dam. However, the head of the Avalanche warning service showed that often fewer centimeters less is enough to make the situation less dramatic. So, it's very early for predictions at the end of the weekend.

    In the last 25 years, according to Mayer, the level 5 announcement was made twice – in 1999, the avalanche destruction in Galtur and two days in the previous year. However, compared with the situation before the destruction of the Galtur disaster, the Avalanche expert stressed: "At that time weather conditions were completely different." At that time, especially the Tyrone Oberland's valleys, and thus the high mountains of the state were heavily influenced by snowflows. In these regions of Tyrol, there are quite different "geographical conditions" existed than the lowlands of Tiarol, which were previously hit especially in the snowball, especially in the Kitzbahl Alps. In Obandland, the possibility of a high-risk avalanche for fresh snow is high, so I said.

  • Vorarlberg: Federal Army helicopter requested

    Avalanche survival in Vorarlberg remains intense in the days ahead. On the line of the tree, the fear again came down from Tuesday to 4th, expected to be more intense snowfall. So the country said on Monday afternoon that the country has been called for the protection of the Federal Army helicopter.

    All defense and emergency services are well prepared and the Federal Army's Avalanche train is ready for action, Security Councilor Christian Gantner (ÖVP) has been informed. The Federal Army helicopter requested for safety will complement the internal fleet, including the Interior Ministry's helicopter, two rescue helicopters and a private helicopter. Depending on the weather, they should "come to Vorarlberg as soon as possible", says Gantner.

    Considering the fear of high avalanches, the security council appealed to prevent populations of safe pisces away from the roads. Skiers not just themselves but at the risk of supportive and rescue workers.

    State Alert's Avalanche warning service builds daily Avalanche report based on the data of the information, which is usually released at 7.30 in the morning and can be accessed by the text message service or through the mobile phone app on the internet ( Is there. Tape is also available around +43 (0) 5574-2011588 around the clock. In addition, the Local Vortex Commission is active in total with total 250 commissioners in 43 Vorarlberg communities. They evaluate local hazardous areas in communities. Their recommendations are generally the basis of decisions from the mayors, street keepers, or ski resort operators.

Railways are still blocked

Winter weather is going on Monday so it has become necessary to block some rail lines. So there was a risk of avalanches among Styria Stitch-idling and scleping No website is possible, according to the OBB. Tyrol and Salzburg also went away From Hochfilson to Safelenden There are no trains. This route should be closed for Tuesday noon.

Rail replacement traffic was established on both the connections. Between Salvelden and Hochfilgen, according to OBB, 60-minute travel time must be planned between Stench-Erding and Sclading, due to an obstruction of the Annual highway for 60 minutes.

From even Stainach-Irdning Then there was no progress on the rail Steeg-Gosau Upper Austria was in between the railway line, in the Styrian-Lower Austrian border region Laubenbachmühle And Mariazell Locked No Charlotte in Tyrol By Mittalwald in Germany There was no train trip and no rail replacement traffic was possible. Between Mautern And Exaggerated Rail traffic in Stereia was restricted.

(APA / Red.)

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