Monday , January 25 2021

Height and low on ORF

Veteran-ungustle as Robert Palfredor
Veteran-ungustle as Robert Palfredor © ORF / Hubert Mican

"What really happened …?" To read this article about it, Faroe is too far for Zarni-Hohnberg. In the weather editor, the former newsreader is put forward without transmitters. A vague start for the new ORF series "Warring on Sunshine", at 8.15 in today's ORF.

It's just the weather acquisition of ORF, which is about filming in the direction of Andres Coppiera – and possibly more political than expected. After all, there is a senior director (Prasad Beed) who experiences very ambitious, very ambitious co-workers (including Aaron Karl, Miriam Fusenger and Sally's graph) as well as power confusion and unexpected inheritance. Along with all this, Robert Palafder will have to fight against his will, fight as a confident weatherman. Palffredr says, "Otto is an unbelievably unbearable, reckless and reckless philosopher who does not get coffee from home."

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