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Honor smartphone dominates sales on the Black Friday, weekend in Europe, the Middle East and America

BEJING, April 6 / PRNewswire / – Hanover, the leading smartphone brand, Black Friday posted impressive sales performances at weekends and cyber Monday in Europe, the Middle East and America. Top top listing of Anos bestseller in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

An impressive 250% increase in all European regions in 2017.

With full sale at Amazon and Newze in the United States, the demand for Honor smartphone reached new heights.

Compared to 2017, with sales of 300% in Spain, this year's figures show significant growth in sales in the European regions at the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

The HONNOR 9 Light was the top-selling smartphone on the Internet in the range of $ 150 to $ 200, with all model deals, while the Horner 10 Black Friday is at the top of the Amazon Top 10 list of Weekend sales. Both records show the increasing popularity of Honda Smartphone among consumers in Europe.

In the United States, there was an increase in the demand for the Honor for 10 Honors, with full sale during Black Friday promotion at Anoose and Newze. Over the weekend, this Middle East model posted significant sales growth. On the Black Friday weekend, in all sales channels in Finland, Honor was ranked number one in number one, while the sales of Honor smartphone in the Czech Republic increased by 200% in total to 200% in the year before, 2017. Respect is provided for 10. In Poland, Honor Play Blacknet posted a 500% revenue increase at the weekend on Friday, in which the full sale of EuroneNet, X-Com and Media Experts took place in two hours, gross revenue growth of 150%.

With all the great Honorans offering smartphones, this season was something for everyone. The new Horner 8X was the best new version of mobile device market leadership, and Amazon topped the list of new products in Germany. Model advanced [1]Smartphone bestseller in France, due to launch in the global market in October, In Russia, Honor 8 is now the best-selling smartphone online, its predecessor, Honor 7x, is impressive by 500%.

The results showed the increasing popularity of Hanor's continued growth and AI-based models in the last year. In this, industry-leading AI-based dual cameras and 3D glass rear walls, with spectacular optical nano-coating, HONOR play, offer a 4D gaming experience with GPU turbo and real-time detection, and especially HONOR 8X its advanced in this season Thanks to the technology and affordable pricing, it can move in the market.

"I am thankful to everyone and I am happy with the support received from our customers during Black Friday sales this year, the recent sales jump that marks the culmination of the successful year for the Hunanar brand and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2019, the second year of high sales. With the latest technologies and the latest product design, we end user experience to our customers from around the world Athe we continue continue continue to provide the best smartphones, said President George jhaoe Honor.

[1] According to the GFK report, W41 2018

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Honor is a leading e-brand for smartphones. The brand was created by internet-optimized products to meet the needs of digital origin, which provides superior user experiences, stimulates action, encourages creativity, and helps young people to understand their dreams. This separates Hunan from the competition and proves courage for it and takes the necessary steps to provide the latest technologies and innovations to its customers.

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