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Huawei Mate 20 Test: Three Times Good?

Huawei Mate 20 Test: Three Times Good?

Huawei has a suitable device for every customer with its three matte versions.

Presentation of the Hewai Matt 20 series Picture: Reuters

Are you looking for a new smartphone? Huaweet Mat 20 can be the right phone for you. Because Chinese manufacturers are covered with three types, all mobile phone segments from entry-level to a luxury device. Matte 20 Lite, for example, is only available from 300 Euros and offers a mobile phone for this price without much savings. There is a pro version on the second part of the spectrum. In addition to the current best mobile phone camera, this has a rounded AMOLED display with integrated fingerprint scanner and it can play all the bits and pieces that may be desired. Or do you ever have a cell phone that can charge wirelessly to other devices? Between these two exaggerations, there is a regular Met 20, which is not as big as its older brother, but it has an offer of around 700 euros.

Matt 20 Pro

The Matte 20 Pro is as strong as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its spherical display. There is also the most immediate rival of the Pro model, after that, the Met series was created in response to Samsung's successful Touch Series. For the first time with Huawei, the user does not have to compromise on Samsung devices. The screen is bright colors, unlike rich and very bright, at the moment it is not better. The Matt 20 Pro camera again once again puts shaker on the best P20 Pro and was previously impressed by the previously unknown low-light display. If you take a lot of images with your mobile phone, then you must have a matte 20 Pro on the bill.

Technical Data

The only criticism of the full mobile phone is the top notch at the top of the screen. This is so huge in the Pro, that there is not enough room left for notification icons except for battery level, time and reception.

Matte 20 and Matt 20 Lite

Unlike the Pro version, Notch Met 20 is a great discreet. Generally, you only have to do some compromise with the standard model, which explains a relatively high value. Like the Pro model, the Matte 20 is the Kirin 980 processor. For the camera, Matt 20 knows how to explain his older brother, but the battery life is a bit shorter and the device is not waterproof.

Technical Data

The light version of Matt 20 is also very good. Although it has only "Dual Camera" and does not take nice photos. The processor is also slightly weak. But who can save their buttons, fellow 20 does something wrong with the lights.

Technical Data


The Matte 20 device proves that Huawei has made Apple the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company produces excellent hardware and knows how to package it nicely. On the software side, the company is slowly shutting down on Samsung and Apple. Matt 20 Pro is near the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, which is probably the best mobile phone in the market today and is below the threshold of thousand euros. Matt 20 Lite is a successful novice model, but cheaper honor plays a bit slower through in-house competitions. That's hardly overtake Mat 20. It's a nice device, but at almost the same price, the runner gets a Pro version of the P20, which has a smaller screen, but is closer to the Mat 20 Pro Tools than the matte. 20

Technical information

Matt 20 Lite:
Dimensions: 158.3 x 75.3 x 7.6 mm
Weight: 172 grams
Display: 6.3 inch IPS LCD, 1080 x 2340 pixels, 409 ppi
Operating System: Android 8.1
Performance: Chipset Hissilon Kirin 710, CPU 4×2.2 GHz
Cortex-A73 and 4×1.7GHz Cortex-A53, GPU Mali-G51MP4
Memory: 64 GB, 4 GB RAM
Battery: 3750 mAh Li-ion
Camera: 20mp f / 1.8, 27 mm
Price: about 320 euros

Matte 20:
Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.2 x 8.3mm
Weight: 188 grams
Display: 6.53 inches, IPS LCD, 1080 x 2244 pixels, 381 ppi
Operating System: Android 9.0
Performance: Chipset helicon kiran 980, CPU 2×2,6; GHz Cortex-A76 and 2×1.92; GHz Cortex-A76 and 4×1.8; GHz Cortex-A55, GPU Mali-ji 76 MP10
Memory: 128 GB, 4 GB RAM
Battery: 4000 mAh Li-Po
Camera: 12MP F / 1.8, 16MP F / 2.2, 8MP F / 2.4
Price: approx 680 euros from

Met Pro 20:
Dimensions: 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6 mm
Weight: 189 grams
Display: 6.39 inches, AMOLEDD, 1440 x 3120 pixels, 538 ppi
Operating System: Android 9.0
Performance: Chipset Hissilon Kirien 980, CPU and GPU The identity of matte 20
Memory: 128 GB, 6 GB RAM
Battery: 4200 mAh Li-Po
Camera: 40MP F / 1.8, 20MP F / 2.2, 8MP F / 2.4
Price: 930 euros

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