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Immune a switch


Viennese researchers have found that a system of immune system or off was discovered. New ways could be opened in cancer therapy and in the treatment of auto-mental illnesses such as new multiple sclerosis.

The idea behind Cancer Immunotherapy is to diagnose your body's own arms against tumors. This approach was later developed by a research team with the international researchers of the Austrian Academy of Molecular Biotechnology Biology (IMBA). "Happy Hormones" A building block of dopamine and serotonin plays an important role in the human nervous system.

Two active substances control the immune system

A build block, BH4, in the hormone of happiness activates the immune function. Cell biologist Shane Chronicle says that the BH 4 T cells are dissolved, and the main text of the study is IMBA. "If there are too many BH4, T-cells are ready to work, ready to be attacked," says Chronicle.

Cell biologist at IMB, Harvard University and Max Planck Institute Hedelburg have been found to have found two substances that are used by the system. "BH4 is already with another intention in the market," says Chronicle. The other active components were discovered and tested by scientists. You can now choose T cells to turn on or off.

Research Results IMBA Video

Main Candidate for Cancer Therapy

BH4 provides an important candidate for future cancer prevention vaccines. Early experiments on mice have already been successful. Other drugs discovered by Chronic and his colleagues are inverse: BH4 adjusts and stops the immune system.

By reducing BH4, auto animal diseases can control excessive cell cells that attack healthy cells in the body, says Chronicle. Scientists have been successful in brain disorders, multiple sclerosis, allergies and asthma. The new drug BH4 turned off and replaced the T cells and relieved the immune system. Treatments for self-immune and auto-cancer patients will be tested physically in the next few years.

Be proud of an indirect

If the patient succeeds in the patient, they may enter the market within a few years. Meanwhile, Chronicle wishes to continue his research in another direction: BH4 "hormone of happiness" affects the cell biologist's immune system and the nervous system more accurately, since it affects the psychodynamic state of man.

"The serotonin levels in the brain with the same brain can be increased," says Chronicle. This will not only make improvement in psychological issues, but also with the neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's Parkinson's.

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