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In Britain, he died in a trip to Morocco


12.11.2018 17.19

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There, a cat was bitten by a Briton in Morocco. Public health England The health service said. Special attention is paid to vaccination recommendations to tourists especially in Asia and Africa. According to the news agency Press Association, a sick person came a few weeks ago.

"In this situation, vaccination is not enough," said Professor Jimmy Wittworth of the London School of Higher and Tropical Medicine. In humans, the "two-three months" numeral symptoms after the infection. "It takes only a week and so it's important to see the doctor and take care of yourself," he said.

The nervous system, especially the brains, prompts the attack to completely end the attack, making it the Molecular Vierology Professor of Nottingham University. Jonathan Ball said. "There are very effective vaccines, but they should be used before symptoms appear," he said.

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