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In the early business, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is a little weak

Frankfurt / Maine (APA / DAPPA-AFX) – Investors are suddenly enduring at the stock market in Germany after a recovery rally last week. In early trading, the Dx lost 0.25% to 11,108.08 points on Tuesday. At the beginning of the week, investors became more cautious and did not want to stay far away from the window. Broker Onda Market Strategist Michael McCarthy said that the possibility of global global growth broke investors and traders.

On Tuesday, mid-market MDX rose 0.25 percent to 23,411.82 points. In contrast, the Eurozone benchmark index Euro-stock -50 declined 0.3 percent.

Until the initial bell on Wall Street, it may remain silent in the stock market at the outset. Because the US In the early hours of the week will be traded again today after the holidays. Then the US stock exchange can again set at least bids with the quarterly number of companies.

Commerzbank's foreign exchange strategy expert Antje Préfke noted that the US And deep political imbalances in Great Britain "make considerable risks to the economy and, in part, have dramatically negative effects on its own people."

Prices have increased in individual stocks of Dx, Lind and Lufthansa. Lynd grew almost 2 percent. Manufacturers of industrial giants want to buy their own shares of $ 6 billion. Lufthansa shares increased 1.1 percent after the bank recommended for the purchase of Morgan Stanley.

About 5 percent of Hugo Boss's shares became more expensive after the fashion company's strong turnover in the fourth quarter. Morgan Stanley analyst Elena Mareani said that the wholesale Hugo boss, especially in the wholesale market, declined drastically.

The already dubbed Deutsche Bank dropped 3.6 percent, putting it at DXX. It was a burden on the poor results of Swiss UBS. Their shares in Zurich came under pressure.

Specialist Chemicals Company Questro shares fell by 2.5%, which was triggered by the Downgrade of "Grip" from "Purchase" by CommerceBank.

Fertilizers and salt companies K + S papers have been put under pressure by the recommendation billed by investment company MainFirst. They lost 2.5 percent and were the second largest losers in the MDXX.

In the Consumer Goods Group, Hancel reduced the rate of second-quarter after a reduction of about 10 percent. It emphasized the negative evaluation of many banks and brokers. The group with forecasts for 2019 was disappointed on Monday.

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