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Inbox: Polytechnic – very early entrance to entrants


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Mail / found: Erste Group Research

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From the Erste Group's Equity Weekly: The Polytechnic has identified the impact of WLTP emissions and consumption standards for the diesel vehicles in the third quarter of 2018, after September 2018. As a result of temporary car production in major customers, the expected demand decreased and sales losses. Trade industry based industry has grown positively. Total revenues fell 6% to € 150 million in the third quarter. EBIT also dropped 7.8 million euros, down 36 percent.

The company also sells € 650 million in revenue and € 45 million in EBIT in the entire year.

Outlook. Car production declined as expected. Although the guidance suggests a stability in the fourth quarter, the visibility in the automotive region decreases. More results from WLTP after the year can not be dismissed. The weight of the gross raw material is likely to continue to weigh the price of raw raw materials for polymaid and polypropide and resin. So we think, even among the lower prices, it's no longer time to start.

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