Tuesday , June 22 2021

Investors are taking a scam on defamation proceedings against Nissan's management

Nissan CEO

Long-term Nisan Bose Carlos Ghose has been included in a scam scam.

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TokyoCorruption around long-term Nyson chairman Carlos Gosnn attracted more circles. Investors reacted to reports that Gosne was arrested for massive sale of corporate money by Tuesday morning. By 9:05 am, orders were issued by NSE for only 9.7 million shares.

After a while, stock 943.3 yen declined, 6.2 percent. By the late afternoon, the price was reduced by 4.2 per cent. But nothing seems to have ended.

& # 39; Cost Killer & # 39; The world's largest circulation daily, Umiriya Shimbun, has written a ritual record in Brazil on Tuesday. In 2001, he quoted his statement: "Gauss announced that he will put his responsibilities and does not conform to the resignation offer. Could not catch." This is similar to the disclosure of samurai culture, purpose and responsibilities, "he said nis'saninumayulla about his grand plans." Finkler, Japan Remember, I have learned. "

The public service broadcaster NHK reports about unknown sources that the Nissan Nissan has been founded. It is Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris, Amsterdam. Nissan's CEO Hiroato Saikawa has not said anything at the press conference on Monday.

The company has founded a company in the Netherlands, according to Nicki. It should invest in the Venture Company officially. In fact, Grossan bought and maintained apartments for free. Gosman's salary for these services is $ 5 billion and it has two dollars.

He said that helpless boss Hiroto Saikawa Gon and his Conference chief Greg Kelly were behind the financing model of the financing and nobody said anything.

On the other hand, the details of the trials against Carlos Gos got out of the way. According to Japanese daily Asahi, prosecutor and Josen have taken the US-American Case and hoped that the culprits could expect a better amendment by cooperating with the accused. Japan introduced this system in Japan.

Nissan does not want to report in the media reports

Nysolas Maxfield's spokesman did not want to confirm media reports. It was not until the Dutch newspaper mentioned in the newspaper that one of the companies that appeared on the Official Bales Sheet Report. Nissan's notice is too late in the revised report of the process of the Ghoshen process. "We can not give details about the activities," said Maxfield.

Analysts are analyzing the alliance between Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi in evaluating the civil disobedience.

Analysts from Citigroup are likely to have a major impact on the Japanese carmaker's sales, as it is a quick response from Nissan, Ghosign and Greg Kelly. There may be no adverse repercussions on Nissan newspapers. Because before investing, investors were dissatisfied with their relationship with Renault.

Damen Flowers news agency of Corrsbank told Bloomberg, that Gazan Nissan and Renault were dismissed. If there is no chassis, the goals of those group managers will be divided.

Garshan's arrest, Gerhard Fasol, says: "Gosnan's arrest may affect European car industry, as the alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors is weak because" if there is no Gossan the Senegalese forces in the League will be added.

Ghsonan has yet to ignore a merger and the corporations freely interact with each other. But Alliance is a regular headquarters and a central person responsible for a particular building. He opposed the efforts of the French state to gain influence in Nissa. At the same time, he maintained dissatisfaction with Japan's advance system. There were reports that Nissan could buy Renault's stocks.

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