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"It's About Women" "

The last days of shooting for the suburban women's crew were snowy. The new episode of the fourth season is not really winter, tree trees and brown grasslands will not be visible. It was not a plan that it would be cool in the last few kilometers. For actors, it meant to shoot T-shirts and short skirts in dark scenes in outdoor scenes. Good mood does not seem obviously messy.

And how good the mood was, in an interview arranging ORF in Drebetslas in the Krepari at Old Danube. Not far from here, Pudshedale is home to the family. Many new faces in the fourth season strengthen the rehearsed core team around Maria Costlinger, Martina EBM and Nina Prol. So Ruth Brewer-Kavam plays very straightforward, very honest espionage, as the head of Jorg Pudshedle (Thomas Maze), explaining a criminal case. The work on a successful production describes it with "surprisingly focused, funny, very humorous working hours and it's a very good lifetime." Nina Prol is what co-workers render. She does not want or too much about developing her character Nicolletta, but she insists: "I really like it with all the characters." In the new season, Nicolleta Jorge divorces Purdyshalle and "she does not look serious, she is interested in a new love", but she demands a different field. But Prol admits that the show can again be more "glamor factor", more like a season one, and she wants to return her character to the fashion industry.

"It looks like a movie"

There is also a premier new season for Mirjam Ungar. She has directed for the first time in five of ten episodes. She says colleagues Harald Seicheritz was immediately engaged in open and cooperative work, but every director does his own work in his own work. Hilde Dellic says that "The shooting is very different with both, but it's good," he says, in the new season, her character Vanessa actually tried with a car garage owner Werner, which was played by Christoph Grissman. Mirzam Ungar says about this work: "I am seeing and feeling from my heart and what I am doing, and I do it." His focus was on two things: the actors showed their feelings, and those images are cinematic. "It looks like a movie, I see it as a big five-hour movie. I always want to be big, strong and bright."

The fourth season is the new Andrea Arcte Greta Morena, who comes back from Vienna to Munich in the suburbs of Munich, and Laurence Rupp as the driver of Milo Albertin (Murathan Musloo). Only Martinique is Dirty Dortal (her character is left for India in the 3rd season of Maria) and Johannes Nussbaum, who now works more in Germany.

Regardless of the current crime story and the humble change of jewelry, the category for Ruth Bruce-Kavam still moves around women. "And very special, free, but certainly wrestling with women." Director Meerzam Unger says that the series of categories can be best described by Pedro Elmodawar: "It's on the edge of a woman's nervous breakdown!"

Autofan four staff in 2019

"Suburban women" ORIF is the most successful fictional product for a long time with an average of 900,000 viewers in episodes. In January 2015, the women's lead roles in the first season started with Gerty Drassal, Martina EBM, Nina Prol and Maria Costlinger. The fourth season is expected to be in the ORF in the fall of 2019. Around this time: Andrea Earcourt, Ruth Bruce-Kewam, Miguel Herz-Castrenac, Laurence Fashion, Brigitte Hommeer, Carl Fisher and Andrea Kendall

("Die Press", print edition, 03.12.2018)

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