Thursday , May 6 2021

KACA beat ice cold like first

By Alex Gruber

Klagenfurt – The Innsbruck Sharks played in the first quarter of Klagenfurt on Sunday because they had not seen this season for a long time. 20 minutes later, former Innsbruck Goalkeeper Klaus Dulpiez said that "innocent on defensive", in which Tyrolis clearly defined the game in the front gear with superior shooting ratio. But Inshook's top scorer Andrew Yogan and Andrew Clarke often failed the LC Hugen of the KAC goal.

In the mid third part, Sharks got a last-minute splash instead, but they accepted the right skill of 0: 1. And when Yogan (27) and Sam Antonisich (28) missed the two equal opportunities, then Antonin was given a four-minute penalty soon after he shook his head. X-Hai Mitch Vahl knew, but there was no pity and did the pipe to the disc with two hits of 2: 0 and 3: 0 in the net.

"We played the first three greats, and then we were in the powerplay, accepted 0: 1 and behind the 0: 3", InsBruck's head coach Rob Pallin also felt like something in the wrong movie after the match. Antoinette did not blame him for the camera. And that table has two teams of 15 separate counters, probably KCA Goli Lars Hugen is assigned defensive. "They are not the first to do anything," Palen nodded.

On Sunday, in the seventh powerplay, Sharks Alexandre Levo wrote with Interim goal 1: 4. Otherwise, special teams have clearly shown the difference to KAC. Zhenzamo (Gray's 4: 3) and Dornabin (6: 4 against Zagreb) also insists the insubrewers later on the fur. Sixth (Bolzano) has lost eight points.

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