Monday , May 29 2023

Large-scale operation in a commercial building in Kindberg


KINDBERG (STMK): A farm-building band arrived on Saturday, 03.11.2018 in Alt Hadersdorf (Kindberg). The 4th fire brigade of Mürzzuschlag area 4, the local fire department of Hadersdorf, which is only a few meters away from the fires, and section 4 of the complete fire service, the St. Marein and St. Lorenzen fire brigades were alerted by sirens from the Bruck / Mur area and was called the Service.

When the first emergency services arrived, the building of the economy was completely flashed. Therefore the fire had to be fought from the outside, the entry was no longer possible! There were no animals in the building concerned.

The forces cleared the fire and protected the surrounding buildings, saving the damage. The building of the farm became a flame of flames. There were altogether 12 fire brigades with 190 rescue services, Red Cross 2 vehicles and 4 men, police with 2 men and one vehicle, and a fire detective. Unfortunately, a firefighter has violated his leg during firefighting.
The cause of fire and damage is currently unknown.

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