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Loss of low annual targets: Disease scam seeks a way of distress



To justify the backdrop of forecasting, other facts in the group point to the risk of reliability.

To justify the backdrop of forecasting, other facts in the group point to the risk of reliability.(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Sunday, November 18, 2008

Long-term CEO Highsiser remains in hard water even after Thaissen Kurup resigns. Kurkhof has already written twice to predict the prophecy – the construction sites are short.

Thyssenkrupp boss Guido Kerkhoff is playing a difficult balance sheet presentation for a few weeks. Heinrich Heinzer was the successor to the CEO who resigned unexpectedly during the summer. It had to be revised in two weeks prior to the announcement of the results for the last financial year 2017/2018, two weeks ago.

In order to justify re-forecasting, the Group also pointed to other issues and provisions for immortal confession penalties. ThaisCope is expected to be more than 100 million euros last year compared to the previous year's 271 million euros. The problems in the corporate sector do not decrease. An overview:

Uniformed split plans have disappeared

The stimulus initiated by an industrial industry agent with steel company agents and partner companies of steel joint venture with Tata Steel. "I still doubt whether the division is the right way," said Thomas Hecteifer, Managing Director of Dushhesh Shuttserierigung Woodpieberbates. "What's the point, how am I moving business?"

Difficulties in working business

Divisions always have new problems. The construction of the plant has been weakening for years. In other matters, the marine industry is much more than the expected cost of a project in Turkey. Partition of Auto Parts is also not round. The Elevator business is definitely an income pearl, but it has to be recently adopted. Kierkof then met Division Chief Andresz Cypranbeek as Insider. "Kerkof's predecessor Heinrich Hsiger has not gained much success in the field of operations, Kerkoff is handing it over," says a insight.

Kerkof loses confidence

Karkareff, who served as the interim chief minister, has shown himself to be the hallmark of investors. However, for a long time the CFO has been considered by many as a representative of the old guard since 2011. Within a couple of months, two profit warnings shocked at the market. This shows how the board's confidence is weakening and that the confidence of the board will be further weakened and they do not get restricted control. "Port manager Ingo criticizes Speech Union Investment. Karkoff has not expressed concern for the new year, but bank experts said.

The price near the furnace – the making of the fantasy buyouts

Last week, Stock continued to value substantially. The paper is around € 16.50. This is less than two and a half years ago. Thyssenkrupp is the second smallest duck in front of Lufthansa, with a stock market of ten billion euros. Two months ago, the Payment Service Provider wireless card was upgraded to the first stock market league and became a two-fold market capitalization. These nutrients are rumors about Thyssenkrupp. The Elevator Division has been in the perspective of the Finnish counter-clad perspective.

Group on the scenes at Cartel Office again

Stainless steel, railroad tracks or livertes – Thaison Crop has a long history of injustice in violations. High-inger has introduced a zero-tolerance policy, but now with the shadows of the group. Recently, Thailand's pig farming industry has been demanding a threat to the industry. The height is not known yet. The Elevator division once had anticipated 480 million euros each. Later it was reduced to 319 million. Thyssenkrupp should pay a huge penalty again, this could be stolen in the new year.

The downturn in the economy will be severely affected by Thai

ThyssenKrupp's business still relies on the economy. This cloud should threaten new ones. Steel and material industry is very difficult, but the lifters are also dependent on the construction industry. Diesel crisis due to the Diesel crisis is one of the most important consumers. German automobile industry has been reduced in the first three months of the three months.

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