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Need to come out of Xbox in 2019 without optical drive


It not only propels Microsoft for the next generation consoles but also develops the first XBox without an optical drive. Must be presenting new game consoles in the years to come.

It reports online online magazine. The Xbox's next generation does not already have a classic drive, so it essentially becomes a streaming device. Information comes from insider circles, but is not a name from Thurrot, but no name. Instead, there are many interesting details that the magazines call. So in any case, Drive-less Xbox is the name of the new premium class, and Microsoft develops this as Scarlot. The Summer Scarlet project was reported by TOURROT.

Xbox One One XMust be Xbox One X …
Xbox One One X… will be replaced soon & # 39;

On the contrary, the Group should be a side project that provides a favorable alternative. By saving a drive, you can sell less than $ 200. This is replaced by Microsoft's entry-level Xbox One.

"Disk-to-digital" program

According to the report, the console fans do not have to worry about collection of game dicks: Microsoft has already planned digitalization service for this purpose. "Disk-to-digital" program calls it "tutorial" and converts physical games into digital downloads. It is hoped that your disk can trade for a digital download for a participating retail (like the Microsoft Store).

This is the launch of a specially planned market. Because Microsoft aims to set the target in 2019, exciting, because the rumors about the new device have been infected by the people. You can not know whether to start a start date. ទោះ ជា យ៉ាង ណា, in the coming years, Microsoft will be amazed at an early announcement, Troy is sure.

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Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox One, E3, Microsoft Xbox One, E3 2014, Phil Spencer
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