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By Uli Peterson

For the first time in the World Cup semi-final for women, the Netherlands. In the hot quarter-finals, European champions thanked Australia 2-0 (0-0) in the second innings against Italy.

The Netherlands and Italy had to face contradictions in the World Cup quarter-finals in the Valencian Community on Saturday (29.06.19), which may not know anything about football: with summer heat. On the cloudless sky above Stade du Henaut, the sun warmed the pitch up to 33 degrees Celsius. The use of water in this direction was significantly higher than the speed of the field. The culprit on the top of the heat was not even beneficial for the game or quick sprint.

But the Netherlands do not mind after 90 minutes of extremely painful, because they are more than paying "tire" to Turf: The European champions have not reached the World Cup semifinals for the first time, but they are the following year. Also in Tokyo as one of only three European teams in the Olympic Games. In the semi-final round of the World Cup, the Dutch will get on the next Wednesday (03.07.19, 21.00 Clock, live ticker at on the German national football team or Sweden.

Italy has missed opportunities before the break

After the kick-off of the referee Claudia Umpires of Uruguay, the remaining Dutch women are definitively determined, but they are too vague to work. Defensive left gap on England's wings, but in the center South European women were kept harmless

Italians often win the ball on a long pass in the lead. One of them had brought Valentino Bergmaschine the first major opportunity (18th) of the game, against Italy's Valentina Giassini, it may be Italy lead after CounterTack (36). For the Netherlands, Sherida Spitas has not used good free-kick opportunity (43.).

Netherlands with more power

After a half-time break in the cool cabin, waiting for a half-time break, only friendly Dutch women came back with new intentions in the field: such as "Orenjeluvinin" wing play started at the beginning of the game – unlike the first section – but now with more pressure and precision Speed ​​first by Spits (49), Vivian Mideema (49), Leik Martens (50), and Jackie Grøven (51 & amp; # 39;) Danielle Van de Dank (58 & amp; nbsp; # 39;) Free-kick of seats in strike and left external post (63.).

Seven minutes later, defending the Italians defensively 0: 1: Maidema enjoyed a free hit after the Spits Free kick with his header and already in the third tournament the heat of well-weaker "Ornaji" fans. Stephanie van der Glag – After a free kick by Spits made for the initial decision (80) Italy, ranked 15th in the world ranking, is not only the physical power needed to advance any risk, but also lacks mental rest.

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