Monday , January 25 2021

New snow alert: Tyrol is getting ready for the highest alert level

Innsbruck – the snow falls, it's getting hot again – but you can not talk about the constant relief in weather conditions for a long time. Rudy Meyer, head of the Avalanche Alert Service (LWD) Tyrol, describes today that "gives short relief." They believe that today's situation will start tomorrow and tomorrow tomorrow. On Tuesday, the effects of avalanches may worsen due to new, heavy snowfall, severe storms and low temperatures.

Meier explains that "according to the current weather models, fresh ice should have at least three quarters" – already too much for heavy loads and extravagant slopes. "If there is not a major change in the predictions until Wednesday, then we announce the Mayor by mentioning Violent Warning Level 5. During the week, this is very rarely issued and it means a very high degree of Avalanche.

How critical is the situation of the avalanche already, on Sunday morning St. Anton has shown an incident in Arlberg. There, the avalanche was buried in open terrain, but the rescue workers were able to free himself before arriving.

Despite Avalanche warning service warnings, these days without the need for ski trips and an alternate ride, rescue workers had to leave the weekends to save winter athletes. In Gerlos, for example, a 21-year-old German skier left the runway safe late on Saturday afternoon and lost his approach before he stopped in the deep snow. Other variant drivers found the man and voiced the alarm. Mountain rescue guerrillas finally eliminated the winter sportsman from a gondola, exonerated him and Pisthe returned to the previous sub-cold.

Do not go for a walk

Warning is currently available not only for the enthusiasts of winter sports but also for walkers. Heavy snow water, especially in low lying areas, has taken into account the increasing risk of tree waterfalls in the Kitzbahal and Kufstein districts. In addition to minimizing the trees, broken branches, which usually come forward with a sharp break point, can cause injuries. The country is going to the forest and also recommends to park the car on the banks of the forest.

The people of snow have headed a number of roadblocks in Tyrol – which include the Arlberg Pass Road in the afternoon, and in the evening in the train traffic, the way of the Wells is closed – there are lapses in train traffic: Damages to the line on the railway line on Sunderland and Hofffilzen are repaired, But trees and bushes risk the safety of the operations. Road closure this afternoon, rail replacement traffic was established. Due to the fears of the avalanche, the train service between Sharnitz and Mittenwald has been closed for a period of time.

"The weight problem for the roof"

Many homes have headaches due to heavy snowfall in past days. Because the snow nets are a special burden for the roof. Tyler's state leader Peter Haazel says that "the weight of the snow is a problem for the roof." Especially with hypothetical mild temperatures and relative precipitation, hollow structures can bring heavy loads and give way. Conditions work like an ice sponge on the roof, which absorbs the rain, "said Hozle. The result is significant weight gain. The provincial fire brigade commander states that the fire brigade only departs to clean the ceiling, where the static perspective, In other cases, commercial companies should be commissioned with the work, The activity on the roof is particularly dangerous during the winter due to the risk of winter walking. (TTOC, NP)

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