Tuesday , January 19 2021

Norwegian Ingrid Alexandra is excited about her honor!

Good luck, Norwegian Princess Ingrid Alexandra (15)! Crown Prince Hakon (45) and Crown Princess Matt-Merit (45)'s daughter celebrated 15th birthday on Monday. In his honor, the royal house released a recent picture Ingrid – And so the entire country poses enthusiasm. Because the photo proves: Little princess has become an attractive young lady!

Portrait on InstagramNorwegian royal house shows the side Ingrid Already grown Made with discreetly, she confidently smiles in the camera. Her face looks less fuzzy than a few years ago, and her hair slowly falls on her shoulder. Followers like Ingrid The new appearance is obviously very much: "She has become so beautiful, many, many happy congratulations," a user commented; Another wrote under a post: "She is so beautiful."

Actually there is an in-grid on the way to become a style icon? Already last year, young princess trumpeted at her grandparents' golden wedding: With a white sneaker for the advanced lace dress, she drew everyone's attention on the event.

Norway's Ingrid Alexandra in May 2018Getty ImagesPictures Gallery Button
Norway's Ingrid Alexandra in May 2018
Norwegian Ingrid Alexandra in Oscar 2016Getty Images

Norwegian Ingrid Alexandra in Oscar 2016
Norway's Ingrid Alexandra in June 2018P.E.E. / Face / face / interaction

Norway's Ingrid Alexandra in June 2018

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