Sunday , May 16 2021

Office Apps Signs in the New Design – What's Behind It

The office will offer a new design to the app. (Image: Medium / Microsoft)

The aim of the new icons is to graphically show the development of an office suite – and therefore stand on top for the cloud sector.

Visual Identity reflects the development of apps. Therefore, the icons of the Microsoft Office application miss a new paint patch. Some basic elements remain the same, but overall signs look more dynamic, plastic and modern. In a blog post, John Friedman, head of the office design, explains what's behind the new design.

New ways to work, new designs

The last update for icon design was in 2013. Since then, a lot has changed, so Freedomman – the function of office users and thus the functions of apps. People from different countries and different ages will use the office on various offices and platforms. Therefore, office applications now focus more on working together on projects. Those icons should reflect.

The word icon has changed over and over again. (Image: Medium / Microsoft)

Microsoft has been right for its bright colors with the new icon design – it's finally a trademark, Friedman said. Also, there is still a white letter on the colored background in each icon. However, traditionally in advance, these characters no longer occupy two-thirds of the icon area. Because it is no longer a document form, but Friedman explains the content in the foreground.

All office icons have a new design. (Image: Medium / Microsoft)

The new color components in the backdrop of the letters, which change the outline of the relevant document shapes, are appropriate for this purpose. The rectangle in the word icon is no longer filled with a thin blue stroke, but the light from the colored bar is dark blue in color. In Excel, the small rectangle is filled with a green color variety.

New icons come in the coming months, first online and mobile.

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