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Oida, Chancellor, is he with you? Choosing the words of the year


Vienna – It does not matter if you go to Bellgasse Gassi, an Apple or a smartphone screen is dirty: 30 days left to vote for the year's words. They choose not only 1 new youth vote, they are also nominated for the year (in) and the (in) spell. On December 6, the jury announced the result.

Here is the poll:

Occasionally, "Oida", used everywhere and used in different ways,Young word 2018You have to win nine other wording – for example "sugar hills", "suicide" or "ghosts". "Fly sein" is also the 2016 German youth child.

2018 youth word: the candidates

  • Appler: a person who gave a taste of Apple products
  • Bellgadse: a complex word from Gadse to barking a cat and a bell – like a dog
  • must fly: be cool enough on it
  • spidered: if you have destroyed the phone screen
  • ghosts: ignore someone
  • good: good, great, casual
  • oida: Spring, great German: "Age" (really need explanation?)
  • ragequit: give up the rage
  • Self Murder: while trying to buy himself, he falls to death
  • Sugar covers: stalk or spy

And a winning winner: Among the candidates, the "The soy of the year"he also finds the winner of the previous years:" The Cserkellere of Silence "in 2005, under the last ÖVP-FPÖ coalition, the chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, the" chancellor of the silence "is the year of the year: Herbert Kickls, Minister of the Interior, Ponyzei "initiated a" marriage for everyone "at the" non-smoking people's request "and" orbiting "are all there.

Year of the year: The candidates

  • BAT case
  • digitization
  • Marriage for everyone
  • Gauleiter
  • climate disaster
  • #MeToo
  • Non-smoking referendum
  • Orbanisierung
  • Ponyzei
  • Chancellor is silence

We also look for "No soy of the year"Tapeword is used by" Basic Data Protection Ordinance "or" Working Time Flexibilisation. "With" concentrated accommodation ", Kickl wins the candidates. And while the Bellgadse's youth barks to vote, uh, buucht, Listenhund ".

Not the year's word: the candidates

  • Anlandeplattform
  • Arbeitszeitflexibilierung
  • Privacy Policy
  • in isolated cases
  • functional billion
  • Gilding
  • concentrated accommodation
  • list dog
  • New style
  • loud rumors

The prophets of the Year are also respected. When he positively influenced the "Saying the Year"Among other things, statement by Matthias Strolz" Ms. Minister, what is wrong with you? "and" Kasperl and Pezi will be saved. "The" negative charm of the year "," beyond "2018 Opposition"Among other things, the statement by Chancellor Kurz:" I closed the Balkan route ", and Hartinger-Klein, the social minister, thrown high waves" You can safely go monthly with 150 euros. "

Saying the Year

  • – Minister, what about you?
  • "Mahr takes over"
  • Kasperl and Pezi escaped. "
  • One intelligence service that is still comfortable communicates with Austria – except perhaps the weather service. "

Seasonal Criteria: Particularly important in 2018, often used in public life in the country, or finding and / or having specific language features. (t, APA)

The opposition of the year

  • "Exactly the opposite is the case"
  • "I closed the Balkan route"
  • "You can safely use 150 Euros a month"
  • "Anyone who refused to serve in the Wehrmacht is a traitor, and the traitors have to be condemned and not enthusiastic."

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