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Only 13% of Austrian companies use Ai

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is urgently needed to take action in Austria through an international study on the subject of artificial intelligence in the economy. China BCG is the leader of Ai.

The digitization of the Austrian economy is still skeptical. According to BMDW's Digital Dossier 2018, half of the domestic SMEs in digital technology are considered to be just their own business model (Bretcaston's report). A recent study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and subsidiary BCG Gamma draws a similar picture in relation to the importance of artificial intelligence for Austrian economics: only 13 percent of all domestic companies use specific AI applications – this is the hard result to consider the BCG Gamma Reports (AI) gap Keep: Leadership makes the difference. Apart from this, Austrian companies will deal actively with Ai's issues, less than half (42%) of companies.

+++ "Digital Dossier 2018": Large Digital Catch-Up for SMEs +++

China leads to international study

BCG Gama Report is an international study involving approximately 2,700 managers from international businesses Germany, China, France, Japan, Austria, Switzerland and the United States were asked about the AI ​​strategies of their companies. In Europe, Germany and France are moving ahead in the survey. According to BCG, 49% of the companies from these two countries will actively work with AI. Austria is behind 42% and Japan with 39%. However, China is a full leader in comparison to international. According to BCG, nine out of ten companies will be actively involved in Ai. In addition, every third Chinese company will use AI for its product or services.


(C) BCG: The international study of China AI shows

"China is benefiting from the fact that companies are comparatively young, agile and innovative in all the industries." BCG Partner and BCG partner and CEO of BCG Partner and CEO George Birlebke said that in mature markets and more developed industries, companies have been lingering about innovation.

Austria needs to act in AI

In Vienna BCG's partner and head of the head Lucas Haidar sees the need for action on the basis of this equation: "If Austria wants to be involved in leaders in the competition for AI technology, then action is urgently needed. Finally, AI is one of the pillars of future economic development in all fields. "In addition, compared to industries, it will be revealed that there are a lot of financial services and business sectors in Austria Of active AI players. On the other hand, for local companies, they will focus on technology, media and telecommunications and the energy industry. According to BCG, more than two-thirds of all companies from these companies are actively involved in AI.

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