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Osteoarthritis in fingers and wrists: What helps? | NDRD – Guide

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If the hand gets hurt, osteoarthritis may be the cause.

Approximately 20 to 30 percent of women and three to four percent of men suffer from wrist, fingers, or thumb, arthrosis. Typical symptoms include stress-related pain, stiff, "crowd" and distorted joints. According to the rules, some fingers and different joints are affected. Often only a few fingers produce severe pain. Twiver grip, gallows grip, and fist belts do not work well for a long time, which greatly affect everyday life.

How Arthrosis develop in the finger joint

Cartelage level becomes thinner due to swelling of finger joint osteoarthritis. In some people, cartilage age – possibly due to genetic or hormonal factors – faster than others. Crumbling in the surface of the complex surface and crackless particles stimulates sinophobia and thus leads to painful inflammatory reactions. After all, the bony leaves on the bones – and they suffer so much. The body tries to compensate the missing satellite with new bone growth. As a result, the joint becomes a nodular and the finger becomes frozen.

This is how articular cartilage works

Elastic cartilage covers artistic surfaces. It acts as a cushion and "shock absorber" and protects pain-sensitive peristoneema. Articular Komalalej has 70 percent water. He has no blood vessels. Nutritional supplements are typically supplied by the synovial fluid. Regular changes in loading and unloading ensures that nutrients are distributed in combination and can penetrate well into Cartelle. Therefore, regular exercise is prerequisite for healthy cartilage.

Primary and minor arthrosis

Although growing age is considered to be a risk factor for osteoartharthis, old people are not affected by painful joint wear only. Many other factors play a role in their design. There are basically two different types of osteoarthritis:

  • This Primary Arthrosis The lower cartilage is responsible for the tissues. The reasons for this are the inherited prejudice or circulatory disorders in case of hormonal dysfunction.
  • This Secondary arthritis Is caused by mechanical overload, for example, as complexity after congenital verbalization or bone fractures with joint involvement and inflammation changes. But it can also be the result of metabolic diseases like gout and diabetes.

How to have arthrosis on the fingers and wrists

Wear signs usually start with the index and middle fingers. Typically, small nodules and joint disorders form there. Typically, the small ends of the fingers are affected by joints. They are mostly subject to a much larger burden than predicted. The pressure on the articular cartilage of square millimeter is the same as the load hip or knee joint. Cartilage levels are thinner in the joint of the fingers.

Daily movements and activities such as writing, bouting blouses and jackets, door key rotation or picking up money coins are then associated with sudden, discontinuous pain and restricted mobility. Clothing signs can also occur in the areas of Metacafephalangal joint or wrist joint.

Treat osteoarthritis

Treatment of osteoarthritis is not possible.

  • Pain Killer And Anti-inflammatory drugs Can not stop the disease but relieve the symptoms. Due to their side effects, it should be used only for a short time.
  • One Physical therapy Can maintain the mobility of joints.
  • Often you can do it Natural Remedies Relief of symptoms
  • Heat applications Mud and paraffin bath promote metabolism, removes strained muscles and removes pain. Ice packs often help in severe inflammation.
  • Muscle strains And Finger exercises Increase the dynamics of fingers and exchange sinologic fluids, so that irritating objects are removed.
  • Relief is also called Traction and Compression TreatmentIn which the joints are relieved by the train.

Arthrosis works in the wrist

If conservative therapy does not bring any relief, rheumatic arthritis can be treated with surgery. In this case, the wrist can be replaced by synthetic joint or harder. When rigorous (arthrodisis) comes, the bones of the arm become completely or partially wet. As a result, wrists lose part of its mobility, but hand is usually pain-free and it can be used in a better and more powerful way.

Arthritis in fingers and toes

  • That's it Fingers ending joints Affected and deformed, the surgeon usually makes a strong pressure of flex in the flex (five to ten degrees). So the affected people can fist and catch.
  • When The middle part of the fingers Used in place of silicon (spacer) joint placeholder. They allow the finger to move up and down, but it is not stable on the side. Among those who work harder, the joint part is usually harder in the flex position of 30 to 40 degrees.
  • At the end Twins joint of thumb Eight carpal bones to remove bone painful bone on the bone are usually enough to remove one of the large polygonal bone. Sometimes hand creators fix the first thumb bone with the tendon belt to keep it in a personal position. If there is not enough stability due to the ligament injury on the wrist, the basic joint of the thumb can also be replaced by a small prosthesis.

The same operation as the last resort makes sense

Everyone affected by the use of his fingers in the same way: Some victims are more concerned about removing or removing pain, others maintain flexibility and strength to continue profession or shaw. When other therapies are insufficient, the finger joint arthrosis, hand surgery is used.

Diet: Vitamins, fiber, oil and little meat

Low-meat meals mixed with fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils provide cartilage with all the essential nutrients and lead to normalizing body weight, so that the joints are under low pressure. We recommend a balanced diet rich in vitamins and fiber: omega-3 fatty acids in fish and vegetable oil have an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore suitable for nutrition plans for osteoarthritis. Meat and sausage as well as animal fat is inappropriate. It creates inflammation of the arakidonic acid in the body.

Exercises for hand and finger joint Arthrosis

The following exercises can train the strengths and flexibility of joints. It is best to repeat every exercise three times:

  • Put your forearm with your palm on the tabletop, lift your arm for a few seconds and then release it again, force the forums to rest.
  • Put your forearms down with your palms at the top of the table. Turn on fingers individually to form fist, starting with fingers and without force applied. Hold the fist for a few seconds, then gradually take your fingers again.
  • Next to the table, place your table on the table and hang your arm on the edge. Make a loose fist and stand your hand. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat on the other side.
  • Arrange hands on tabletop. Touch any other fingers tips at once with the thumb top, without applying any force.
  • Keep your elbows on the table and press the bumps against each other. Elbows as far as possible

More info

Osteoarthritis causes severe pain in the joint. Complaints can be reduced in many cases by healthy eating and targeted exercise.

There are many nutritional supplements in the market for osteoarthritis. Experts warn that their impact has not been proven. In part, injections can have hazardous consequences.

Common causes of pain in the hand are osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tannonditis. Which treatment helps in hand pain?

Arthrosis in thumb joint is notable by pain and muscle weakness. With special trains, operations can be delayed.

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