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Red Dead Redemption 2: Revolver curses the heart


Our neoclassor wrote a detailed review of an analysis by Roxster on Red Dead Reduction 2. The game is his opinion.

The remains of Red Dead Redeeman van der Linde group were hunted by John Marten for eight years. Now Roxster turns the clocks back one time. What makes us a bunch called Arthur Morgan?

Please give me the song of death

How to introduce the player to RDR 2? Song of Death All groups must be in the minds of the members. Following the failure of black water, the group ran away. Pinkerton (the former FBI's predecessor) always closes the neck.

Red Dead Redemption 2 horse

The followers are hanging, the crowd turns to the ice, waiting for the cold and starving, and your story begins. In this deadly environment, the game is introduced to you with some basic elements. On various missions you will learn from others:

  • You hunt the animals
  • How to play your horse
  • How to turn your opponents off
  • Of course, how important it is

These tutorial missions, thanks for the good storytelling, are not consistently convincingly configured. Without tire: But the game does not end in a while, because you and Van der Linde are gang-rape and your followers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow

After completing the tutorial, you will see an infinite world where you can spend more than 60 hours. Including the first tutorial chapter, eight chapters are waiting for you on a journey to the Wild West End Days. This journey was all there!

A handful of dollars

How much freedom do you have in RDR2? Once the game world is open for you, you can decide how you can stay on more. On the one hand, you will certainly follow the story and keep your progress forward, on the other hand, there are a number of side actions waiting for you.

Red dead redemption camp fire

How would you like to deal with your environment?

  • Would you like to salute the passing coach with a warm greeting, neglect him or get some dollar off?
  • Have you enjoyed the gold mines in the river? When he finally found a long search, did he find gold or would it be better for you?

Red Dead Redemption 2 RAID NPC

Whatever your decision! You can interact with everything you can live in. It's not you that allows you to stop the good or bad cookie buck. Of course, the consequences like such high blessings.

How side quests? Besides the usual NPCs, you can find small missions beyond your main story and tell their own stories. Again, Rockstar has jumped and grew up. Whether you apprehend lost animals or a mad professor in his lab, are just two examples of very interesting side missions.

Red Deed Redemption 2 Dutch speech

But if these missions are great, if you ask yourself, "what next?", "Witcher 3" is more advanced and more complex, what about the side missions?

Of course you can either give one or other rounds of picker or your skills in the 5 finger fillet (no liability, if you smoke instead of worms).

The horse likes the tree

How important is the horse on RDR2? Your horses are the most important part of your journeys. You have the right relationship with him, let it stand. The higher level mean will increase your horse's strength, so you can travel more and more throughout the entire hills.

RDR 2 horses

If you eat it slowly and then eat it and relieve it, it will make you feel calm. Thank you, giving commands you need. However, the commands are more decorative. I do not have to use one, it's compassion.

Of course, your horse's biggest advantage is that you really want where you want to be. Almost sure? Yes, unfortunately. If the restrictions are a stiff back, you will no longer crumble a tree or bury it.

Red sweating horse horse

Certainly this may cause you to be rejected, and some losses will occur. If you like it, it will be the same for your horse. Unfortunately, such accidents often happen. Even a small branch can throw a small stone downwards, and the horse can fall off.

How to work on RDR2: If the manual ride is too tired and wants to avoid the controller, press the button to quickly run, which will activate the movie mode. All you have to do is mark a point on the map (in PS4) and hold the touchpad for a while. Now you give horse to spruce, which uses the roads to automatically reach the finish.

Rdr2 trailer

But here too, there are problems. Often I felt that the horses were often moved on horseback or in ware, so accidents happened. Once happened with a Passenger Train! There is still room to improve here. However, if these issues are solved, you can come back and enjoy the automatic ride and beautiful landscapes.

In general, you need to become familiar with your horse. Because there is a fast travel function, but it's not even available in a slim drop-in form after the initial activation. Upgrading your fleet, you can take a trip to cities that you already traveled to and from cities or by taxi.

Red Dead Redemption 2 4

But you should never use it to travel to your camp. But many parts of the story start there, so you have to go there or go somewhere else with a group of other people, so you can not use the high speed trail.

Here too is a very long period of time. An automatic fast travel operation will take effect at the end of the game when you move towards a point B point, rather than the vast majority of the game, so you have to travel a short distance to your destination.

The enemy in your hands

How is the controller Perhaps the biggest enemy in the competition, not the opponents, not the controller, the controller. This, unfortunately, may cause a lot of spongy, as you have already said, you might say that you do not have to go through the trees or hide it.

Additionally, key mapping ensures that you grow one or more gray hair. Do you want to take a rifle of the carrier? No problem

  • Stop pressing L1 on PS1
  • Use the correct analog stick to select the left or bottom pocket
  • Then press L2 or R2 whenever you want, until you get the weapon you need
  • Now you only have L1 release.

Red Dead Redemption 2 course

You should start a raid and leave it in your chest so that no one can identify you. Good, good:

  • So hold the L1 again
  • Then press R1 to switch to your pocket positions
  • Now use the correct analog stick to select the scarf in the lower left corner of the menu wheel
  • Continue for a few seconds, and then go to L1.

The comfort is different. The game is from around the world, but very slow, but not for you. In war, it can be a little bit calm.

Eats eyes

RDR2 world is very beautiful: The game world deserves another mention. Rockstar has gone out of his way. You expect not only a bigger map but a good filling. You will meet again with other NPCs for their horses or cars. There are also small random events. Do you want to help NPP to weep with a snake, ending with you?

Red dead redemption 2 landscape

Animals! You can not swear. You are not very close, but when you're not close enough, the little birds that fly your heart, and everything that your heart desires. You can also hunt. The Rosters have created their own empire for all races.

In the trash buds, crocodiles, wild animals, rabbits, in the wide meadows. There are many animals. These are just great animation and can be used. Skinning for useful improvements. If you have to struggle too much, you can definitely avoid the dead bodies. After a few days, these too will rot! There is no diversity even with nature. Marshes, grasslands, names, forest areas, and snowy mountains. Eyes are available in the offer.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wonf Forest 2

What will be the end

Is there an "edgame" in RDR2? What will happen to the end? What if this happens if all the van der Lent gear is removed? Okay, I have to admit here, I would have expected something. Of course, you can continue playing:

  • Follow some animals
  • Some of the cities are insecure
  • Some moves rob

But unfortunately the new one does not. Things you can do in the main game can be "just for you". I'd love to unlock one or more to persuade you to continue playing here. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So you have to wait until red dead online is live and you can experience new adventure there.

CONCLUSION: Every single penny is appreciated

At a glance there are benefits and disadvantages: Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a great story with an exciting story, above all, active game world. Yes, fast travel and control must be improved, but not all in this game size can be perfect. Roxtler has proven that he has played again. Also, half of the completed matches will be on the market.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Portrait

Even if you do not have news after the end of the story, there is still enough content to spend hours apart. If you ask me about Red Dead Redemption 2, it's just the answer: yes! Every game is a reward!

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