Friday , January 27 2023

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Serious accusations

A strong allegation against "CB" leads to a Roman referendum.
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Ex-ZiB-Anchorman Roman Rafreider now makes Uralub in Tirol, revealing that he will be back soon "soon" ORF.

On October 2, the Vienna Referee (48) has filed a complaint against Vinaya police. Dangerous danger threat and possibility of physical injury. She is a former lover of herself and has been in love for four years and three of them have lived together.

Then the refrigerator disappeared from the screen. Now C-B-Angkorman holidays of a merchant in Tibar have been posted. Many questions now, or referrals OAr An Instagram user who wants to know when RFreider arrives in front of the ORF camera is replied by: "Soon very soon."

Rafreider refuses allegations

In connection with the former girlfriend, it must be assaulted and dangerous threats. The police confirmed an ad. The OFFF has said that it should seriously discuss this issue. Announcing that the referee was on leave.

Roman Raffaider, a "CB" moderator, dismissed allegations of domestic violence against his journalist in a "statement for journalism". "I strongly point to all the media and the users of social media that it's not right to report this form," Rafreider writes.

"The speculation in social media, misinformation, published SMS and apps-app messages have almost disappeared," the statement says.

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