Monday , May 16 2022

Return of Catcher: Passengers should vaccinate


A Briton in Morocco, wearing a cat was crying. A few weeks later, he suffered a stroke because he did not respond quickly enough. This was announced by the British Public Health UK Health Service. Travelers in Asia and Africa, especially travelers, are invited to take vaccination recommendations.

Vaccinations should be vaccinated and vaccinated

Rabinis still live in 100 countries on the earth: Asia, Central, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 59,000 people die of rabies infections. Warm is always deadly. It leads to nervous system, particularly the brain, paralysis and death. There are very effective vaccines, but they should be used before symptoms appear.

The symptoms of the patient

Many main factors that cause headaches, hunger, and sometimes even fever. Then there is a fear of water, violent and disappointing mental or stroke. No cure, patients die in the coma and die at the latest seven days. The incubation period is very different – between 20 and 70 days. It's a few days or a year later it's good to get down.

Germany will not be searching since 2008

Since 2001, Robin's coaching institute (RKI) has distributed 6 infections. In 2007, there was an animal in a cluster of Moroccans – a dog on one way. All the sick have been abroad.

Rabies spread through the saliva

Animals affected by rabbits can be affected by human, other aggressive, animals, and saliva. Rabbi or Lisa virus is highly suitable, so it is not safe and is not safe.

However, the touch of the wild animals does not cause the touch. Even if the animal's saliva is related to our skin, the pathogens can penetrate into small cuts like scratch or abrasions. In most cases, the transition is a bit too hard.

Infection in Africa and Asia is high

The risk of rabbits is much higher when traveling to Asia or Africa, especially when there is a dog or cats at a glance. The wild animals are always cautious with extraordinary confidence. Because it may be a hint of the best known form of the disease, called the so-called mental abysy. The animals often have a mouth foam, and they behave louder. The virus is disturbing the function of the nervous system in the brain. In addition, there are fundamental ovaries, less obvious symptoms of stroke like rheumatoid arthritis. So the law is: Do not keep the animals and do not cultivate unknown animals.

What to do after a bunch?

Immediately after animal illness, immediate immune system must be performed. It also applies to people who are vaccinated.

Vaccination against rabbits

Vaccination should be vaccinated three times in 28 days and vaccine should be vaccinated after 12 months. Immunodeficiency vaccinations can escape from the defensive system for a period of five years. Anyone who is contacted or bitten by the rabbits is not protected by vaccine and should expect five or six vaccines. In addition, an antisemitis is injected (inactive vaccination). Vaccination should be thorough in the first hour.

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