Tuesday , June 22 2021

Scamers seemed to be policemen

Scamers seemed to be policemen

Wells. Nine Velers reported in suspicious exhortations – how to save yourself.

Scamers seemed to be policemen

The police advises: warn the adults Picture: (Color Scheme)

An emergency call in Wales on Sunday evening, as many as nine voted on. They said that the fraudsters were kidnapped.

The content was always the same: the colonists – two of them, one by one of the high German and foreign economists – played Salzburg police officers. They claimed that two Romanian robbers were arrested. A table has been found, which is the name of the so-called person. Police said the items in the house were kept and it was in their account and they were inside their house within two days. Because such events have happened in the Wells area, the police are telling us how to protect them: you should be hanged immediately as a caller asks for money. Conversations involve most trained and well-trained men who are well trained and know how to seduce their victims. After all, you should never transfer money to strangers.

In addition, the executive advises them to speak with older relatives and warn them against the methods of smugglers.

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