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Smuggling labeled by labits and grass «kleinezeitung.at


The 26-year-old grass was stolen from a three-year-old souvenir. The 21-year-old South Styrian said that three unidentified men were kidnapped on Friday night before Laybins Disco.

19:06, 10 November 2018


At Saturday afternoon, the state police reported two smugglers.

Case 1:

According to their own data, approximately 9.45 clock was a 26-year-old grass Grazer Shoenagasseuse Three unidentified persons were dropped. One of the three injured him. A 26-year-old woman was injured. As a result, one of the 26-year-old mobile phone scamsters was stolen before the three men around Sconeakus disappeared from south.

The 26-year-old police had filed a complaint. Investigations have been launched shortly after three of the culprits are successful.

Personal description of suspects:

  • Male, 20-26 years old, 185 cm Tall, dark red, black bark eye, brown long hair, white track suit jacket, light blue jeans, white shoes;
  • Male, about 20-26 years old, 165 cm Tall, brown eyes, thin making, little black hair, red cut tulle, black jeans;
  • Male, 17-18 years old, 160 cm long, thin thin, black dresses and black hats
  • If you are a victim of foreign prostitution, there will be three people's homes.

The city police's criminal department took charge of the investigation.

The police inform the police about the people traveling during the time of Scognac. Telephone number 059133 / 65-3333

Case 2:

The 21-year-old South Styrian was mentioned Saturday night Leibniz Three unexpected criminals were excluded.

On Saturday afternoon, the 21-year-old man from Libnit district indicated that he had stolen an unidentified man during the night. Three men approached him for three hours while he was smoking outside a pub. Criminals asked whether money could be changed as 21-year-old had said. He took a wallet. One of the three victims stole him. The other was finally fixed on the ground, and the third was taken from a pound of 200 euros.

Everyone knows that they ran away from a strange Slovenian passenger car.

The description of a criminal could not be given to 21-year-olds. The investigation is continuing.

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