Saturday , July 2 2022

Sony celebrates fifth anniversary of PS3: the most popular games sold at 86 million units


On the other hand, PlayStation 4 is already five years old. Yes, it looks like we've spent time faster than we could. Sony's new infographics (via PlayStation blog USA), with the notable benefits of the console, continues to the previous generation of consoles.

Do you know? Sony Since its release in 2013 – Early distribution difficulties – sold over 86.1 million consoles. Or have 777.9 million software products worldwide been found? It's nine games on the console.

Curiosity about which you always have the most powerful titles in PlayStation 4?

PS 4 – 5 years Infographic

With PlayStation 4 In the next few years we should be satisfied. But: one PlayStation 5 All our stories are summarized in our PS5 page.

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