Thursday , January 21 2021

Student Project RTX 2080 works in a sweat

Nvidia encourages retreating as a feature of the new Turing graphics cards, but the list of supported sports is still very much managed. Now a student team of Carlisle Institute of Technology (KIT) has applied new possibilities for the title of the old sect. The reflection of shooter and shadow and shooter Quack 2 was re-calculated with tracing again.

The old classic shines in a completely new light

After its release in 1997, Quack 2 has undergone some changes and is used frequently for various projects. Under the name of QivVKPT, a group of KIT students led by Christoph Skydad has now released a project that will bring old titles to new heights with new technology. According to a report by Golem, "quack 2 is an excerpt for volcano pathtracing", which gives a good indication of what students are trying to do here.

For example, a team that uses Quack 2 Starter based on Quack 2 Pro uses a customized version of the title, which has been provided by the Developer ID software under the open source licenses for many years. Integration of pathtracing lighting technology under the Volcanic Graphics Interface & # 39; vek_av_re_trating & # 39; The name was made with an extension that is part of Avidia – which ensures that the Q2VKPT can be used only on the map, NVDA, last year under RTX heading

Q2WKPT: Quack 2 with retractingQ2VKPT …

Q2WKPT: Quack 2 with retracting… Quake 2 ceiling …

Q2WKPT: Quack 2 with retracting… shine new

Result: Quack 2 has full dynamic global lighting, Ray tracing shadows and gloss reflections. The integration of new technology also ensures that the graphics card is used well despite the old title sweating: "The game can actually reach up to 60 FPS (2560×1440, RTX2080Ti)." As Golem writes more, image rates for more complex "reflections in the water" can also come in value around 30 FPS. Here also plays an important role, that Q2VKPT is a "leisure project" and therefore limited the ability to "complete quality testing".


As the manufacturers describe, new graphics cards with retraceing capabilities bring "completely new possibilities for the future of the game graphics", but in reality it is very complex to implement it. "The purpose of this project is to find out what else is missing for a clear path in the future of the game graphics retreating."

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