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The abducted kidnapping victim voluntarily walked with «

A 88-year-old mother of the director of Asterhajie Foundation Group Stephen Otrubu, returned to her family in the matter of her abduction.

10.52 Clock, 23 January 2019

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Abduction of a kidnapping after abduction alarm at the age of 88 in Bergenland on Tuesday: Mother of the Director of Asterhysy Foundation Group Stephen Otterby Has safely returned to his family. The woman has safely reached the luxury ski resort Kitzbahal with her daughter. It is located in Tyrol, but officially confirms a police spokesman.


The 88-year-old missing in Bergen on Tuesday evening, according to their own statement and according to the first information of the participants, voluntarily started abduction. Police reported on Wednesday morning. Regarding the following motivations and circumstances, the investigation is ongoing.

The police now officially confirm the identity of the woman: it is almost Magda's OtrubayMother of the Director General of Asterhausi Institutions Stephen OtterbyAccording to Landscape Diary Bergenland, participants of the woman's deportation informed police in Tyrol on Wednesday night.

What happened on Tuesday?

Tuesday afternoon at 15.30 pm on Tuesday afternoon at 15.30 pm with his nurse at Easterhazi Street in the family's fort, at around 15.30 in the afternoon, the pensioner was in the clock on Tuesday afternoon. One woman and one woman from a car had emerged from another woman, who first visited the nurses and pushed her from one side. The employee was unknown. Three people had put 88 year-olds in one of two sedans, after which both cars were wasted.

In this case, a large number of police deployments occurred: in Bergenland alone, more than 100 civilians participated in the search operation. The alleged abductor was also searched internationally.

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