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The aging process slowed down! Due to aging this new form of therapy has delayed

Experimental remedies have long lived the life of rodents

To be healthy and healthy until old age – the dream of mankind, but so far only a Utiopia However, this may change in the future, because recent research has focused on therapeuticities that can slow down and possibly even prevent old age. In a recent study, researchers were able to increase the area of ​​life of mice by slowing down old age with new drugs.

A research team from Israel's Wiseman Institute of Science recently decoded how the immune system involved in old age. According to the study, increasing age increases the number of old cells in the body which contaminates the immune system. These cells are limited in their work or have irreversible damage. With the newly developed drug, researchers can slow down the process of zelvergirring in the ovum, which has increased their lifespan. The results of the study have recently been published in the well known journal "Nature Communications".

Fit, active and healthy in old age – There may soon be medicines which slow down old age. (Image: Lużko Smokowski /

How our immune system era

Professor Valerie Krzynowski and Dr. Yoshi Ovadia describes how aging cells cause problems with the age of our immune system. So-called Sensecent Sales There are cells that are not yet dead but their operation is severely restricted or damaged. Older people get our bodies, our bodies have more orbital circulation. According to the research team, these cells are significantly involved in inflammatory processes that promote normal genetic diseases.

Study curriculum

In an experiment, researchers used genetically engineered mice that were rascally aged. The mice suffer from chronic inflammation more quickly and the performance of common mice of the same age has diminished. Also, these mice look older and sooner died.

This cell slows down the transplantation

In their investigation, scientists found that cell migration can be slowed by blocking certain proteins. The team operated ABT-737's medication, which inevitably degrades the proteins associated with aging processes prematurely. As a result, mice became more active and increased in their lifetime.

Healthy, more active and more durable

Researchers have shown that animals respond exceptionally well to animals. Her blood and activity tests showed an improvement and her tissues were just like a young mice. The team was also able to show that the treated mice showed significantly fewer old cells as well as inflammatory processes.

Can he also work in humans?

In his findings, the researchers actually found a way to be able to develop anti-aging therapies for humans. The team now wants to investigate further progress on how human immune systems can be organisms for early detection of old cells. If their theories prove to be true, then soon there may be pill against aging. (VB)

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