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The broken heart will be a threat to the heart


Risk factors in the broken heart

If someone says "the heart is broken" is just a medical reality. Tacosus Syndrome, also known as the "Broad Heart Syndrome", may even be a threat to life. Researchers have found that some patients are in short or long term risk.

Many patients recover without consequences

In the early 1990s, the Tokokhobo syndrome (TTS) was first described by Japanese doctors Kigo Dot and Hikara Sato. This disease occurs after strong stress, such as sorrow and heart. Most women are affected after menopause. Most of the affected people recover without any consequences of disease. But a 10 percent dangerous complication occurs. A study now takes risks for a minimum or long term patient.

Most patients with Taccabau syndrome ("Broken Heart Syndrome") have no consequences of illness. But some develop a dangerous complication. A study now takes risks for a minimum or long term patient. (Image: D Studio /

The reasons are still unclear

A traditional Japanese octopus trap called the Thakatsumo Syndrome was formed in the form of narrow necks Tongkugs.

This was considered by medical professionals as a result of circulatory disorders of the heart's muscle. At the end of the Sisol's left, Vindicism is from the Vidikinikka.

The causes of the disease are still unclear. Treatment must therefore be based on symptoms.

A loss of a loved one hurts you

This disease occurs as a result of serious emotional stress, which is mentioned in the loss of a loved one, emotional pressure or sorrow, "broken heart syndrome" ("broken heart syndrome").

Additionally, you can increase the severe physical or stress stress, or brain-heart syndrome, such as surgery, fall, or stroke.

In addition, there is a very good occasion to have a Tacosco syndrome in a lottery or a lottery.

Long term risk

In the meantime, this disease may lead to long-term heart disease and a risk of strokes.

The disease can be dangerous
Since the onset of the disease, the heart pump's activity leads to serious disturbance, often causing the first doubt of a heart attack.

In the lung stage, most patients return within weeks or months.

Nevertheless, 10% of patients experience cardiovascular shock. This is a disorder caused by illness. This is a threat.

The University Hospital Zoo (US) reports that up to five percent of patients with cardiovascular disease die.

Researchers in the United States are now more likely to have cardiovascular shocks for tocopleus patients. The affected people have long-term consequences.

Patients who develop a cardiovascular shock

The information collected in the InterTAK registrar was able to re-study the scientists.

This first global bookkeeping registry was set up in 2011 at the University Hart Center in the US to put up research on Takotsubo Syndrome.

Registry now includes over 40 cardiovascular networks from 20 countries; That is Professor Dr. Medical doctor Dr. Ashraf Moulavi. Downward. Christian Templin, Intercultural Cardiologist, Assistant Cardiology Head.

"Thanks for the study, Taccerspur patients develop a heart attack because of illness, so it must be very seriously monitored," says Templin.

"These patients show a long-term risk and should be constantly monitored," said the expert.

The risks were not known. Unspecified patients were not observed after the attack by Tacos.

"Diagnosis, treatment, and diagnosis makes a significant step back to this study." (Ad)

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