Tuesday , January 19 2021

The color of this eye increases the risk of depression

It is still dark when we leave home and go home. Lack of sunlight and cold weather can stimulate seasonal depression in some people in cold months, which are better known Seasonal Affective Disorder Or the Winter Blues

Researchers out Great Britain Now she can show Eye Color What role do people play for? Seasonal Affective Disorder Is weak For the study, in the journal "Journal of Behavioral Science and Psychology" The researchers visited 175 students from two universities about their mood, weight, hunger, sleep time and social activities throughout the year.

Dark vivid light eye color

Indeed, due to the geography of the students, one should note the difference: a university was situated South WalesOne CyprusHere, however, there is no difference in sensitivity Seasonal Affective Disorder To show

However, researchers have found that people with light or blue-eyed eyes are less susceptible to seasonal depression than those with dark or blue eyes. The previous investigation showed the same relationship. Scientists explain the difference with the amount of light that can be processed by the eyes: bright colors with a few color pigments can already process images with little light. So mood-serotonin and melatonin's regulatory hormones regulate some light.

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