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The heavy avalanche in many parts of Austria has been confirmed by the events of Warrenberg on Sunday: a skinner died in Scopernau in the Bregenz Forest, and an avalanche in the afternoon. It is said that the victim was dug by her companion, but she died at the accident site, police said. A man killed by a 26-year-old man. He and his partner were in the open air. After a few hours, the Avalanche was also held in Damulus, a German ARF could only be dead as reports.

Due to the fresh snow in the northern side of the Alps, Saturday to Sunday from 20 to 60 centimeters in mountains up to 80 centimeters – this is a risk of avalanches. Tirol And Vorarlberg Will be set to the second level of nationwide second on Sunday.

In Tyröllan district of Kufstein, the District's Captain warns against walking in the forest: "I advise the population that these days are advised to leave the forest and leave a general caution to exit," Christophe Plasgamer quoted on orphait.

Missing in Salzburg and Lower Austria


It applies only SalzburgWhere the Avalanche experts expect that the snowfall will ease the snowfall on Sunday afternoon easily. According to the Salzburg Avalanche Alarm Center, the high risk of avalanches (4), however, would be life threatening to stay away from safe pistols in the coming days. In Saint-Colomain, Tennessee, residents should not leave their homes because of the fear of avalanches. School and kindergarten are closed until Tuesday. Since Saturday, two snowshoes have been lost in Abantes in Tennessee. Due to the high avalanche threat, the first discovery was canceled on Saturday evening and could not continue due to the weather on Sunday.

Even in Lower Austria The risk of avalanches is significant (4) significant (3). On Monday, the situation should be slightly modified according to the forecast. Two missing ski tourors, including the helicopter, were discovered in Hohenberg, in Lillefeld District, on Sunday morning. Rescue operations were canceled in the evening and should continue on 8 o'clock Monday. Farewell is at the age of 58 years and 54 years of Crimea's men. Acute avalanche conditions make finding difficult.

Tourists alone push the avalanche barrier

In Styria According to deputy governor and disaster officer Michael Schiffhofer (SPO), the situation is often very intense, especially in upper stereo, where avalanche alert level 4 prevails, in other parts of the state there is level 3. "The situation has still been dramatic." About 2,000 people are cut off from the outside world

Twelve people's travel group apparently did not want to accept this in the Wildlapen area in LeZen district: They pushed the avalanche-entrenched area towards the side and tried to leave – an avalanche immediately dispersed three cars. Rescuers Rescue Holiday Producers at High Risk The accident officer Shikohfar warned yesterday that to avoid obstacles and even ski slopes. "They are not there for fun."

Zeal stuck for four hours

Roadblocks and traffic interruptions are seen in other parts of Austria: B166 on Pass Pass in Austria, Arlargense in Vorarlberg, Falbartornstraße in Tirol, or the Kutschberg Federal Highway in Salzburg. The railway line was also blocked. On Sunday morning in Leogang (Pinjgaon), 300 passengers sat for four hours due to a tree stuck in OBJI NightJet. The road is expected to be closed on Monday afternoon.

Power lines are also affected: On Sundays, in Austria, there were 6000 homes without electricity, while in Lower Austria 8,000 homes were affected Sunday night (sometimes only a few times).

(APA / Red.)

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