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The Final Man Standing of the Ninjya Fighter's 2018, Alexander Wur (22)


Cologne –

This is a great start for "The Ninjay to Germany" (RTL). Over 20,000 athletes wins the final rounds and semi-finals, and are fighting each other on Friday night.

Dennis Leeber (19), a student of sports and chemistry in Steinheim, struggles with a bear – especially hard for him because of his size in the final round. The first half of the four-stage final stage is nine obstacles. A barrier is known as "wall 2.0".

Dennis fails "wall 2.0"

The high height and the steep hill climbing. Dennis is relatively young – so this challenge falls well. His 300,000 euro lost his chance.


28 Finalists of Season 3 of "Ninja Warrior".


MG RTL D / Stephen Grigorovius

It is difficult to see Donne, he shakes his head, and shows disappointment and disappointment. His father and his family are rebuilding him and comforting him. It was after Dad Rainer Lieber had stolen his son afternoon afternoon.

Moderator Laura Vontora (29) disappointed Dennis.

Soon, Dennis, sitting on his father's shoulder, takes up all his frustration with the microphone: "That's not possible, I really liked the rings," he tears the tear. Another difficulty.

"Such an athlete was right when I was in Bushy, it was okay," he told Laura in the best palette. The dentist is moderate and moderator Frank Bushman.

Please specify laughter. Even Laura made even big eyes, and I have to put so much of honest and clear words loudly. There is a disappointment in such a spacious park. But raised his head: one of only 28 sportsmen.

"The Last Man Standing" Alexander Wool

Finally, one candidate lost from the last seat. Moreover, no one else like Alexander Wormhma.

Alexander Worm P GRE08742

Alexander Warm, one of the famous German republic's "Ninja Fighter"


MG RTL D / Stephen Grigorovius

The 22-year-old was the first of three German squadrons in Mount Midirs. But the last ministry will get only 25 seconds. There are only a few people to climb up to 20 meters.

So he was named "Last Man Standing".


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