Friday , June 25 2021

The first seven-times jacket in the 14 million euro lottery history

Although there are 12.3 million tips for six-times jackpot, there is nothing wrong with the addition of 2, 4, 9, 14, 41 and 44.

Lotto: Sevenfold jacket for the first time


Jackpot is seven million rectangles

But if the lottery is expected to have 16 million taps for the upcoming draw, it will be more. Lottery was done on Sunday evening. "How happy is this seven pocket jackpot?" The record clocked at 18.30 on Wednesday.

New record winner on Wednesday

On Sunday, six packs of jackpot were second in second and second in second. Last year's Christmas, the jacket was the first six times the history of lottery history. On August 12, 2015, the record for € 9.6 million was five times the jackpot. Winner's was a solo tune. On September 7, 1986, the first sixteenth lotter in lottery reached the level of 475,400 euros.

Does this lead to more than 43?

The path to success may be above 43 years – the fourth time she finished fourth in the fourth season.

Most of the 33er pulled out

Following the request of the AAP, Lotto took 32 of 3340 times in 33 years. The computations of this round range from 80 to 85 percent of the possible number of combinations. "Eight jackets are possible," a spokesman for the lottery said.

No lottery ad banners for seven fold jackets

Trokington's job comes: Closing date (Wednesday, 18.30 clock) Just before the 220 transaction is expected, women and men in the collection points must be creative. Seven times, there are not loton ad banners, because a jacket is only five seconds. If necessary, they should be grafted or coated. "Recently six flawed jackets were commissioned by the flags," a local spokesman smiled.

Twenty million tips are expected

Even though there were more than 12 million tips for Sunday filming, "Six Right Fingers", 2, 4, 9, 14, 41 and 44 did not typify. For instance, it's 14 million euros to win sixth place. Secondly, so far has been successful in six times. The record was recorded in December, 2017. Jackpot is six times 12.24 million euros.

The Lottery of the next round is € 6,00,000. At this time, the game had two sixes. The joker, two loader austria and a stereo were € 146,000.


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