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The food closes gray hair

Even if gray hairs do not stop anyone, we will stop it for as long as possible. Which food works with, we've researched for you.

We saw that George Clooney looks particularly sexy with them and the actress Helen Mirren looks absolutely attractive, but we still fear her thoughts on her own head: Gray hair Whatever the dark or golden – we all are not certain about the color change of our mind. According to experts, most women turn gray in the 50's. For some, however, the process already starts at the beginning of 30 or at the beginning of it. Even if gray hair is not wrong, we deal with itHow can we prevent it and tell you which foods are especially helpful here.

Gray Hair: It's Really How It Comes

Scientists have found that only gray hair is not hereditary, but it is also very involved with hormonal factors, but too much stress contributes to the color change of our hair. Natural "gray hairs", however, are colorless hair, which results in the absence of color melanin in our organism., This Die is responsible for the formation of our natural understanding of the Streaks. What does it mean for us? It is almost impossible to get gray-heryard heads with the back color in the right diet, It works to stop or delay the production of melanin production with some food. ?

This diet reacts with gray hair

As we keep an eye on our daily shampoo and other personal care products, it is clear that the proteins made by our hair are essential for a healthy appearance. When it comes to proper nutrition, we should focus primarily on protein foods. In this, among other things, eggs or fish, which typically provide animal proteins that can absorb our body more easily, American Trilogist Madeleine Preston, who deals with this topic, also declared American Cosmopolitan: "Many people are insufficient in iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, B12 and B6, so this trace is very important for eating foods containing minerals and vitamins." She also cares about the origin of her hair and the production of melanin One wants to give a real kick, which can – according to the trilogyMake copper with, Which includes the food that is sometimes made of banana, nuts, cocoa and pulses. So we write this menu directly on our menu. ?

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