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The main crystal ball for the crechmayer has become the theme


The main crystal ball for the crechmayer has become the theme

Beaver Creek Alpine Skiing: After strong speed rallies, Malvivirlar, who will take part in the World Cup for the first time, can immediately attack the huge slomom.

The main crystal ball for the crechmayer has become the theme

The 27-year-old Levi was in the last place with two and four places in the last place in Louis, now she is in her favorite racquetrack with Beaver Creek. Picture: GEAP Pictures

World Cup winters have been won by two wins in three races for Austria's ski men and impressive with some podium positions. On top of it, Graf Vincent Crichemair creates the World Cup for the first time in his career. 27-year-old 27-year-old in Lake Louise's Super-G Sunday, will be able to once again prey on "Prayy Birds" in Beaver Creek next weekend.

Chrismeyer from Canada to the US yesterday Traveled with the best memories of up to. Last year, he celebrated the Super-Ginna World Cup premiere success on December 1, after which there were two more in the final phase of the season. This is snow yesterday for the creamer. "The last season is always dangerous to watch, I want to improve, not skiing, the competition is getting better, so I have to take the next step."

Of course, the overall tour of CreamMeyer is just an early snapshot, but there is a sign. Like the fellow Matthews mayor of his SV team, the speed specialist of Muhlvertel is ultimately a potential candidate for a crystal ball for a large crystal ball and potential parallel training. Beaver Creek Chechmayer and Mayor can already get a chance in the wide slam. Austrian men's boss Andrea Pulasecher says, "I trust to be eligible for another round."

Crechemair currently results in an enlightenment form. "Maybe I was a little skinny in the last season of Ski," he remembers his two victories in the Arena final. But, KJTil Jasrud ​​won the fourth victory in Louis Lake. But to Norway: "Vincent is so strong, I had to take full risk, I do not have a chance against normal rides."

27-year-old Crichmer is not confident only "I want to be ready on every track and I'm always winning, I am very ambitious," he has high standards for it.

Hirscher also intervenes

Parallel to SV Superstar Marcel Hirser, who is in the team in Beaver Creek. The seven-time overall World Cup winner Denver went yesterday and will take part in a huge slam on "Praying Birds" on Sunday. On Friday, Hersher refused to Super Gene too.

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