Saturday , June 19 2021

This also responds to its ST-Gate at Strache Office – News

In the SMS message, the Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Stroke (FPÖ) feels that the party's power in the National Bank will lose the executive suite. Therefore, the FP's Prime Ministerial Black Council at the Council of the Ministry should take a "hard decision" to "ensure the strong position of FPÖ in the National Bank".


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The SMS was originally sent to FPÖ Constitutes, but found itself in the news of political opponents, and the "crown" was later published. The afternoon of the stricken office confirmed the wrong message. Departed to explain.

"A secret SMS"

"This is a secret SMS, it's going to get out of a contract for another deportation, and we show how many responsibilities are there," he said. The FBP Robert Holmesman was introduced as a national bank governor and a "high level of ally".

"Recently there were some uncertainties because the finance minister suggested mini lor to reduce the national bangs regime from 4 to 3. We want to make sure that & # 39; s joint occupation is not possible for each other.

From blocking a trace

However: one or three of the current four levels will be prevented or minimized the risk of being bad. In the case of the four jobs, the governor's vote for the 2: 2 team is decided and the three majority. Strache was afraid to read SMS, and can overcome the governor appointed by FPÖ by filling out two other important positions ÖVP. "How should we argue when there is no job with the fourth director?" Stroke asked.

"OeNB is an important control element for the economy and the capital market." The secret of the government's mission is to capture it in the best possible way, and it is a secret that we have been communicating very clearly in discussions with the ÖVP.

Criticism of opposition

Strong criticism comes from SPÖ and NEOS. "The only thing that goes wrong with this government is the SMS DDS," said SEP Shelhorn, NEOS Business spokesman. "Black, blue and blue, for the political change of the party," they are not real reforms. "Is not the FPÖ RED BLACK line cheats even critique?" Came. "

Reds find it the same: "The FPÖ is only blue in the blue, and the poster for blue followers," SPÖ Finance spokesman Jan Krainer said. "I understand the slogan" FPÖ: & # 39; Our Money for Our People, "but the sensitive institutions like Austrian National Bank are not" as good as a distribution center for blue or turcos parasites, "says Craainer.

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